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Readers Respond: What does your due date really mean?

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Updated September 03, 2009

From the article: When will my baby be born?
Every pregnant women is assigned a due date. 40 weeks is a rough guess about when baby will be born, but babies are full term at 37 weeks. This end of pregnancy is a guess - how long will your pregnancy last? Did you believe your baby would be late or early? While babies are born a few weeks before or after the due date, everyone feels differently about when labor will begin or when induction is appropriate. What were your thoughts in pregnancy? Did the end of pregnancy change that? Did you have a firm plan for your due date? Did you panic if your due date came and went? Or were you surprised by an early baby? Share Your Thoughts


My first was born on dec 21. He has never been overshadowed. We celebrated his birthday the same as others who have birthdays any other time of the year. By rhe way, all this talk about first borns being born late is not true. This same baby was born 10 days early as was my second born.
—Guest mary struchen

due in 24hrs

I'm due in 24hrs and I don't feel any contractions just clumsiness. I'm praying so hard my baby arrives on the due date
—Guest tina


This is my second child. My due date is December 22. Every article I've read says that children born so close to Christmas feel overshadowed by such a massive holiday. I've been considering being induced at 37 weeks. I don't want my child to feel cheated her whole life. My first child was delivered at 37 weeks, not induced, and he was healthy and fine and considered full term. I have to talk to my doctor about this because, to me, this seems like a limbo between my child's emotional and physical health. I'm not sure what to do about my situation but please keep your doctor in the loop ladies.
—Guest Liberty


My sister is 37 weeks, she went to the dr and they told her she was about 3 weeks behind, the baby weighs 5lbs 6ozs.they told her that she would go in for another ultrasound and they said that if she is in fact 3 weeks behind they were going to take the baby this week. Why would they do that if she is behind?
—Guest Shayla

two due data

My doctor told me my due data is July 29/2013 then two weeks later the ultrasound, due data is. 9/1/2013
—Guest Jackie

All different

My first was exactly one week "early", next two exactly one week "late", next on his exact due date and next into the third week past. With the last one I thought she'd never come. Now with #6 I fully expect another 1-3 weeks past the "due" date.
—Guest Ucmama

i can't wait for 40 weeks

is my frist time and i can't wait for 40 weeks i wanna hold my baby i am 26weeks 3days and my due date is april 26 but i don't want my baby to come on frist APRIL.
—Guest evelyn A boateng


my baby was due on the 8th of nov it is now the 12 and the dr said he wont be coming out till the day ofter thanks giving I was so excisted to meet my son and it is disappointing for both me and my wife because she took time off school and the baby is still a week or two away I hope the baby is fine and everything comes out okay
—Guest Carlos


My midwife put my dd's due date at 16th (lmp) and ultrasound at 1st of the next month, she came 3rd, and midwife that delivered (same midwife thro preg) said she was over 2 weeks late cause of her skin, her looks, and the fact she passed meconium. Glad I refused the offered induction if I didn't have her by lmp due date as at 2weeks 2 days late she was still only 6lbs15, was told I was looking at about 5lbs on lmp due date if she came then! I think edd's shouldn't be a date, expected week minimum, but up to 4 week window should be given for safety reasons, since all babies grow differently!
—Guest mummyvyse

Still waiting

My first 1 was 3 weeks early so I thought my 2 nd would be too nope were at 40 wks and counting she will Come when shes ready hope its soon come
—Guest Teenbean

We'll See!

My first was one week and one day late. I've read from a couple of different scientific sources that first pregnancies average much closer to 41 weeks than 40, if left to their own devices. I don't know what will happen with this baby, but I think 40 weeks is a good guess. I would never induce unless there was a very strong medical reason to do so. I know far too many woman whose inductions led to emergency c-sections. My personal opinion is that most babies come when they're ready. If I go past dates, I'll certainly get my monitoring done to keep an eye on the baby's health, but I won't want to rush her just for the sake of my convenience.
—Guest KateC

Always made ready

I was induced with my 1st 2 children with the days chosen by me which I considered excellent as I was always ready mentally. Expecting my third now hope its the same this time as well!!!
—Guest nelly

On time

I am 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. Both of my children were born on their due date. The first was a scheduled induction 1 week early, she didn't come, and was born a week later on her due date. I began having contractions with my boy right at 12:00 am on his due date. I always say they are always on time like their mother. Certainly don't get it from their father.
—Guest Austin, TX

Both Born On Due Dates

My 1st came on his due date and surprisingly so did my 2nd. So I guess I was quite lucky! No waiting around.
—Guest Danielle

Why a date?

In many countries you are given a due month not an actual date. This is better as only 5% of babies are born on due date. I had 3 dates that my GP, midwife (I'm from the UK) and obs argued over. In the end I was 10/12/17 days late (depending on who you spoke to). Due month relieves so much stress.
—Guest Ang

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What does your due date really mean?

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