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Readers Respond: Did your due date change in pregnancy?

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Updated December 17, 2011

I hear more and more moms talking about having their due dates changed. What about you? Have you heard about it? Experienced it? Did it alter your prenatal care? Did you have to have an induction? Do you know when you ovulate? Do you have longer cycles? What happened to have your due date changed? Did you have an ultrasound? Share Your Story

Baby knows when he's ready to be born!

My first child was expected on 10/10/2008. She ended up arriving one month earlier - 10/09/2008. I'm "33 weeks" pregnant with my second child and the expected due date is 5/4/2014. Went for an ultrasound and they now tell me that my dates are wrong and I am "31 weeks" pregnant. Gonna go with my original due date and hope that baby arrives then! Also heard that ultrasounds done in your third trimester are NEVER accurate with regards to your due date.
—Guest Roxy

Doctors lie and never tell

My lmp was solid at may 15 with a 21 day cycle. So my due date was feb 12! I'm a florist so I KNOW my dates. Last period just after Mother's Day. FOR SURE! In December I complained that something was wrong my baby isn't big enough. It was then they informed me my NEW date based on the ultrasound in September was march 19th!!!! I yelled and screamed for two months that was wrong and there is something wrong with my baby. On feb 23rd they did an ultrasound to "shut me up". They took him that day because he was flat lining!!!! He was 4lbs 5oz at birth. Fight ladies, fight!
—Guest Jamie

Mother Knows Best

I had 2 doctors tell me my "due" date was Sept 29 and one who said Sept 30. The problem was that during the conception based on theae datea I had thebflu and was definitely not in the mood. I guessed my date to be Oct 6. I ended up losing my plug on Oct 4 and my water broke 4 hours later, immediately releasing rough contractions. My son was born 3:20pm on Oct6. Lesson is the mother knows her true date. My midwife based her care on MY date. I had 5 ultrasouds in 2nd trimeater and 2 in 3rd (none in 1st,long story). And all 3 drs missed my son's velamentous cord insertion!
—Guest EmmaleighSwanson


My son was due on December 23 according to the wheel and first sonogram; however, they changed it later on with sono #2 to January 12 and he came on December 7.
—Guest Dfmom

Docs don't know more then moms!

Based on my 42 day cycles my due date was 10-18. My doctor thought he knew more then me and based it off the magic wheel and my last period. When my water broke early on 9-11 he said hey your term lets go with it. I ended up having a 5lb 4oz baby who had a 13 day NICU stay because he was early!! If I had been 3 days earlier they would have kept me on bed rest and waited to deliver my son. due dates do MATTER if your go early or late. Fight for your "date"
—Guest Spring

Due date change

Based on charting, I had my EDD at 7/24. OB put it at 7/29 based on the cardboard wheel, then changed it to 8/4 after my 8 week dating ultrasound. My baby girl came on 7/21...technically 2 weeks "early," so unexpected and quickly that I had her at home.
—Guest Tracy

Long Cycles

I had 35 day cycles but with my first pg my OB insisted on following the "magic wheel" - I was due on the 17th, I always thought the 26th and my daughter arrived on the 30th - good thing it was 1980 and induction was basically unheard off even if you went past 42 weeks. My son arrived at 41.4 weeks per that magic wheel and right on his due date with the adjusted date my MW and I determined based on when I was pretty sure I conceived.

We talked about it...

When I had an ultrasound in the middle of my pregnancy the scan said I was 20 weeks and 2 days but according to my period due date I was 19 weeks and 2 days. While I thought that being a week further along (aka 1 week less of pregnancy), I realized it would reduce my ability to get out of a potential induction. So we agreed not to change it. Baby came at exactly 41 weeks. So glad I didn't have to deal with the pressure.
—Guest Rosaline

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Did your due date change in pregnancy?

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