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Readers Respond: How do you deal with depression in pregnancy?

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Updated September 12, 2010

From the article: Prenatal Depression
Depression in pregnancy is real. It happens and more frequently than many people believe. Did you experience depression in pregnancy? Who diagnosed it? What treatments did you use? Medication? Therapy? Did you experience postpartum depression too? Share Your Experience


My best friend and lover of nine years hated me I'm nine months pregnant and he wants nothing to do with me at all. He avoids me completely ignores me anx wil heaf anx there give me the time of day he is at best a reluctant father. I can't stop crying evrry single night
—Guest zy


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—Guest jack

depression/ocd in pregnancy

I have had problems with depression and anxity for years. My daughter was planned and had extreme sickness throughout pregnancy so i did lay on couch alot started to isolate myself slowly slipping into a depression which i have never experience and depression i had suffered was not close to how i felt nothing at all made me happy i could not find enjoyment in anything. It was a really sad dark time i have stop taking anti depressants around time i found out was pg if this was a cause i suffered si bad in not sure. But the worst was yet to come at around 5month the sickness had subsided started to feel more positive once night i was watching news and there was a story about and abduction of girl and i could not get thought out myhead i felt physically sick had to immediately turn channel and from that night onwards i could not watch anything violent or news stories pick up news paper or magizine i was anxious and feeling panicy and thought was losing plot i thought because i was having
—Guest coco

Second time around

I'm ten weeks pregnant with my second child. My daughters father left me at 6 months pregnant, had little to do with us both until she was 12 months.. Shes 22 months now, We got back together 10 months ago and now that I'm pregnant we're starting to fight ALL the time. I know it's not good for me and our daughter and I want to leave him but I'm scared to go through another pregnancy alone :(
—Guest Laura


I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my first child. I have found this pregnancy to be hard because I had bad morning sickness and have had back pain throughout the pregnancy which is slowly getting worse as I get bigger. Being in pain all the time is so frustrating, and nothing seems to help. I would like to have more support from my husband, but he says that when I get upset it just stresses him out and he can't deal with it. He is overweight and blames me for not being able to stick to a diet. I feel like I'm suffering through the pregnancy alone and I can't deal with it any more. I've started to resent him, which I feel bad about because I want the baby to come into our lives when we're both happy.
—Guest Miffster

Lonely sad and unloved

6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. I just told my husband that I was pregnant and he's treating me like trash ever since. I feel so lonely. No one to talk to since I'm in a strange country. My only support is my parents but that is over the phone. I just can't understand why my husband is so against it. He is a doctor and can afford another child. He doest even talk to me anymore. And gets angry if I haven't done any house work. I still try to realize why he keeps punishing me for something I didn't do on purpose. He should have thought about it before he got me pregnant. I feel so depressed and lonely. Feel like ending my life but then what will happen to my two beautiful kids...
—Guest Klesha

emotions are destroying my relationship

IM 20weeks pregnant I already have 3 kids age 6_4_3 @ND they are good kids but As for my husband he is a really good man and step father to my kids but it he go away from the house for 30mins I think he out doing wrong and I don't know why he has never gave me a reason to think he cheating but I still at his butt like a mad dog not even trying to fighting and going on lonook in his phone only to find nothing . He's happy about our child and kids and rubs my stomach all the time .. Pls sum1 help
—Guest Brandy


I dont feel low about my baby but I feel low about my partner is treating me. I have a 20 month old daughter, who is my pride and joy. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and most days I am proud and excited to be pregnant but other days I feel my pregnancy is a mistake and having another child would make getting away from my partner all so hard. I find I'm crying all the time, I look at photos of myself before and then I look at myself now and I dont recognise myself anymore, The things I once loved mean nothing to me anymore. I feel like I'm failing my daughter and I dont want to have another child and bring my newborn in my world that I;m now. I'm blaming it on my partner but I dont remember ever feeling this down before I got pregnant. I know pregnancy brings about hormones but I really am confused. I'm looking at it now and I feel warmth within thinking about my new child but the thought of brining this child in my life with my partner brings about thoughts of terror
—Guest Me

Depressed, Angry and hating everyone

It was a planned one. I was so happy seeing a positive sign. But I am not sure why I am so depressed. I am 11 weeks pregnant and I feel like depressed and angry all the time. I thought I will get support from my husband and he will take care of me and love me more. Besides, he rarely spend time with me. Daily we end up fighting and I dont feel like sleeping and I end up crying all the time. And this results in more fighting and he hurt me saying that, you know your unhappy causes negative emotions to baby and you are not even trying to be happy. Even my mom said that she felt strange when she saw me so upset and unhappy all the time. And he doesnt even try to change his schedule or doesnt even try to make me happy. I feel so irritated by his behaviour. Even he doesnt lend me a helping hand. My family life is getting unbalanced. I am in a helpless situation. Dont know how can I manage in further months.
—Guest Guest Seth


Im trying to stay strong I'm 17 wks pregnant I have a 6 year old daugter and the guy I'm pregnant by still lives with his baby mama she has no idea he has a baby on the way since I became pregnant it has done nothing but spiral down hill I'm so lonely and this situation is so embarrassing he lied and said he wasn't with anyone at first but it soon all came out I just want this to be over with I hate the feeling of being stuck and alone only god knows and I hope it gets better I don't wanna hate because hate is powerful but how can you not hate with a situation like this
—Guest dale


I'll be 14 Weeks tomorrow. I'm always fighting with my babies father, mainly all me..things that bothered me a little before are now annoying to me to the point where I can't stand it. Work sucks, and I have no patience at all. I have my moments where I'm happy about this baby, I love this baby so much, but I'm just sad all the time, I cry all the time and I'm upset all the time. Its getting to be a bit too much.
—Guest ashley

30 weeks n no one cares

my family has turned their back on me the guy only spends a couple hours a week with me and I feel am so alone I just want to be around people who care about me


I am 16 weeks pregnant. I live abroad, all my friends and relatives stay far away. the only source of contact is phone. I stay here with my husband, he goes to office, and I am lonely for the day. I have no one to share my feelings, my excitement or my depression. this thing makes me sick. I try to do yoga to keep myself calm and positive. but sometimes things don't workout as I want them to be
—Guest su87

Didn't plan for it to be like this...

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and sadly wish I wasn't. When I left my job for another job I didnt know I was pregnant. Also, my new job didnt come through so I started looking for a job until I started showing. My boyfriend of 4.5 years hasn't tried to look for a job because he use to own his own company and for 1.5 refuses to work under anyone. The banknis trying to foreclose the housr, the house itself needs serious repairs and all his wants to do is go to the casino and play 'free play' to make his living. He really doesn't seem to care about the pregnancy and I've asked him many times but all I get is the silent treatment. Now he waits until I get in my third trimester for him to stay out late and don't even call. He never use to act like this. We argue all the time. I resent him much that I cry about it every night. I don't hate my baby but I wish I wasn't pregnant with our child. I wish it was with someone who cared for me.
—Guest Sara

Remember this...

Im going through all of these things Ive seen everyone talking about. Its hard to be strong when you feel so alone and have nothing, but remeber this...things always get worse before they get better and when you set your eyes on your baby you will realize whats really important. Only then will you appreciate all the pain and suffering you have been through was for something so special. Look at the bright side there are plenty of men out there and just because you may not have a good one now doesn't mean you won't find one if your babys father doesn't work out..stay strong ladies..for your babes:)
—Guest BabyK

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