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Readers Respond: How was your Lamaze Childbirth class?

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Updated January 24, 2010

Lamaze childbirth classes have been the most well known childbirth class for a long time. While the official Lamaze classes may get confused with a garden variety birth class, there is a huge difference in the quality of the class. Do you know if your childbirth educator was certified? What did you enjoy in your Lamaze class? What did you learn and use? What surprised you? What would you do differently? How did you find out about your Lamaze class?

Lamaze Classes

Wow lamaze classes can certainly help you when you are giving birth.
—Guest Rebecca

Mostly great!

We had a really nice teacher who was really excited about her job which made it easier since it was at night when we were tired. My only issue was the other students. Not everyone wanted to be there and not everyone wanted to be learning all about childbirth. I figured I'd paid the money I wanted all the info I could get. I didn't go to college and pay attention only to the parts of math class that I wanted to hear... I mean seriously, childbirth has one heck of a final exam! Thankfully the teach managed to keep it under control. Maybe I'm just a cranky pregnant woman.
—Guest Guest

Wasn't really Lamaze...

The class billed itself as Lamaze. It was an inexpensive option at a convenient time, I thought it was perfect. Basically it was a detailed hospital tour by a nurse from labor and delivery. I was really upset. No talk of labor except where to go and what to pack. I should have checked the Lamaze site first.

Lamaze Was Comprehensive

When my husband and I were looking for a childbirth class we evaluated many options. We finally chose Lamaze because we felt they were the best at covering all aspects of pregnancy and birth as well as all of our options. We thoroughly enjoyed our Lamaze classes. We gained tons of knowledge and were able to practice positions and relaxations in class that we also practiced as homework. We met other couples who were also going through what we were. When I was in labor (a long, unmedicated labor) I called upon many of the skills we learned in Lamaze class. My husband has also commented that without our classes he would be have been very afraid, not knowing what normal looks like. Overall, we had a great experience and made great relationships, as well.


My childbirth educator really told us the straight scoop on everything. Nothing was made out to be a good thing or a bad thing. We were treated like adults who could take in information and make our own choices. Many of the people in class wanted a natural birth and had one, a few didn't. Some of them wound up making it natural and surprising themselves with the knowledge that they had. Others had the epidural and were pleased. Very well rounded!
—Guest Mom of 1
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