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Readers Respond: Did you get pregnant on the pill?

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Updated May 30, 2011

Getting pregnant while on the pill does happen. Sometimes there is a medical reasons, sometimes it's just luck. Were you sick? Were you on antibiotics? Did you have missed pills? What happened? What did your doctor or midwife say to you?

Goal=healthy born baby

Well, I was on the pill for 13+ years, went off it, waited 2 cycles and got pregnant. Then at 9 weeks I had a missed miscarriage. The miscarriage was likely chromosomal (15-20% of all pregnancies miscarry) but now ppl are wondering if I should have waited longer before TTC. As if my body just "wasn't ready" for all the changes of going off the pill and then harbouring a baby. There's no info here! My OBGYN says no problem, but seems to be focusing on fertility (everything working there) not having a viable pregnancy. I would love more information, miscarriages are such physical and emotional setbacks.
—Guest SmthaRon

I got pregnant on the pill :(

I got pregnant on the pill (unplanned) and I was ever so excited but sadly ended in miscarriage and was told this was because I conceived whilst on the pill.
—Guest Amy

Pill, condom and morning after pill

I have 4 kids, yet have always used some kind of birth control. The first time I used both the pill and a condom. Neither worked and I got told that I must have done something wrong. The second time I also added the morning after pill, as I was having an operation the next day. Now the doctors also know that birth control doesn't seem too work on me.
—Guest Crusher

Easier to get pregnant?

My doctor said it didn't matter when we started trying after stopping the pill, and I had a positive pregnancy test 5 weeks later, I didn't go back on the pill after he was born, we just used condoms till we were ready to try for another baby, and it took us 2 years to get pregnant again. When we were ready for our third baby, I had heard that sometimes fertility is increased immediately after stopping the pill, so I took it for three months, then stopped, and 7 weeks later a blood test showed I was 5 weeks pregnant.
—Guest Mel

This Was Me

I fell pregnant with my 6 yr old son when I was 16 even though I was on the pill and also using a condom. My sister has fallen pregnant twice while being on it and my mum told us she also did with my youngest sister... All had pretty okay pregnancies but not so good labours but needless to say we both stopped taking the pill as soon as we found out we were carrying.
—Guest yeomans

Too quick

My advice would be to wait a couple of months when you come off the pill, I became pregnant straight away after coming off the pill but then had a silent miscarriage, the baby died at 5 weeks but I didn't find out until the scan at ten weeks. Of course there is no proof that it was because of the pill but I'd say to anyone wait just in case. Am about to start trying again and hopefully it works out well this time.
—Guest Rachel

5 years ago

I got pregnant but lost the baby six months later. I'm getting married soon and hope to get pregnant. I miss my daughter so much.
—Guest arc

Got pregnant on the pill then miscarried

I'd been taking pills for 3 months and at some point became preggers, I had mild symptoms of pregnancy but assumed it was from the pill. Also, I skipped the green pills so I wouldn't have a period. No major signs of pregnancy were there, I've had 5 children so I know when I am pregnant. One day started bleeding, bad cramps, then miscarried a fetus I didn't even know I was carrying.
—Guest Danielle

Too fast!

I was on the pill for 7 years after my last son. I stopped taking them and got pregnant 6 days later! Also before my 10 yo I had a miscarriage and was pregnant with my son 2 weeks later. Yup. Twice in one month!

I got pregnant while being on the pill

I got pregnant while taking the pill I would advice woman to use a condom as well as taking the pill. It caused me to have a complicated pregnancy and then I went into labour at 16+ weeks the hormones had messed up.
—Guest tracy

I was shocked!

I took my pills religiously and never missed any, but sure enough, one cycle, my period failed to show. My doctor told me to just start the next pack as usual. I was concerned, so my husband said a pregnancy test might make me feel better about taking them. I think he was thinking a negative pregnancy test. Needless to say, we never started that next pill pack.
—Guest Tamara23


I had been on antibiotics and I didn't take the warning very seriously. We were pretty surprised! I was worried, but my doctor told me not to be worried.
—Guest Macy

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