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Readers Respond: Did you get pregnant on the pill?

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Updated May 30, 2011

Getting pregnant while on the pill does happen. Sometimes there is a medical reasons, sometimes it's just luck. Were you sick? Were you on antibiotics? Did you have missed pills? What happened? What did your doctor or midwife say to you? Share Your Story

I think I'm pregnant

So to sum it up. I do believe I got pregnant on the pill. But I don't know forsure I'm have a lot of signs and I have amissed my period but I really don't want to wast my money on a test. And I have missed a few pill. Idkwtd
—Guest Mrs blue


I got pregnant on the pill. Initially I did miss a day here and there but would always take two the next day to keep with the schedule. I became diligent and even kept two packs, one for my car and one for home incase I forgot again. How is it possible to fall pregnant on rhe pill? I haven't been on antibiotics.
—Guest faerienix

Implant then pill

I was using the implant (rod) for 2 years before I started to get horrible symptoms with it. My mum suggested I got it taken out because it got to the point I was in tears. I got it taken out the next week and decided to go on the pill because I am a very organised person, didnt think I would ever miss a pill and I didn't. I started to get pregnancy symptoms such as craving anything spicy and back ache I was 16 and terrified at the idea of being pregnant my boyfriend convinced me to take a test and it came up negative. The symptoms continued over the next 2 weeks I then went to the doctors they did a blood test it came back found out I was 8 weeks pregant I was in tears when I found out. But I am now 5 months pregnant no problems at all apart from craving strange cravings the doctors blamed me and said I must have missed a pill but I know that I didn't. It's more likely my body didnt agree with the pill as it didnt with my sister or my mum!
—Guest J

I got pregnant on yasmin pill

I got pregnant on the yasmin pill. Nobody informed me that people with odd bowel patterns or bowel problems (from ibs - chrones) don't absorbe the pill ! I had an awful pregnancy never thought of it being related to the pill. Premature baby with no lasting problems.. physical and cognitive development perfect with no illnesses. (Though she has no bridge to her nose as cartilage hadn't developed) :)
—Guest ash


I got pregnant while on the mini-pill and breastfeeding my 1yo. Didn't notice anything was wrong till I felt nauseous. It wasn't unusual for me to miss a period because of the breastfeeding. Took a test and when I finally got into the doc I was 10 weeks. I had some bleeding but so far the fetus is fine. I've had a miscarriage before. Can't wait for my next appt. to put my mind at ease.
—Guest Kari 14 weeks

wait at least a cycle

I got pregnant a week after going off the pill mid pack. We were trying. It ended in a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks. My OB said it was just too soon and the lining of the uterus was too thin from the pill. She says she always suggests waiting one full cycle.
—Guest guest kate

Not ready for anymore children

I have been taking the pill for years now. I have never been great at taking them everyday. I ended up pregnant due to missing 3 pills. At 8 weeks i had a miscarriage. I will make sure this time I take the pill the way i am suppose to. I already have 3 kids dont want anymore at this time.
—Guest oops

My period

Dear all Please help me ! im 23 years old, and my period was fine and was coming all normal every time when i was single and i got married, before 1 year and 6 months and i was trying to get pregnant but i could not so i visited a doctor and she has given me some tablets to get pregnant and than after using of those tablets my period date is changed and became back date for 15 to 18 days, im worried about it and want to know about the responses from you my email ID is sahar.rehan21@yahoo.com anyone who wants to help me can email me, im really worried about this. PS: im not pregnant yet and the doctors says that i and my husband are normal.
—Guest Sahar

Faith Pill taker

I was on the pills going on 6 months and never missed a day i went to the doctor to get my prescription and found out i was pregnant n everybody got to saying i had to miss a pill but i actually didn't... this was so unplanned im finna graduate high school in a few months... But since it happened im going to what ever it take to raise my surprise.
—Guest ja

mum at last

i stoped taking my pill when i was 18. it took me almost four years to fall pregnant. but at 5 weeks i started to bleed and went to the hospital. at 7 weeks i got a scan to see if baby was ok and o saw a little blob on the screen and a tiny flicker and was told the flicker was my babys heart beat. the day before my 12 week scan i started bleeding again but with tiny clots. went straight to hospital and had another scan. as i watched the screen i saw the blob was the same size as last time. i had a missed miscarraige. i went on the pill soon after. 3 month passed and we decided to try again. so i didnt take my pill from that day on and 2 weeks later i found out i was pregnant. my pregnancy went amazingly well. i gave birth to my wonderful baby daughter. shes now 7 month old and shes my world
—Guest sparkle

Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

I also took my pill religiously for 5 years and then missed a period to find I was 10 weeks pregnant, the dr told me the pill was unlikely to affect the baby and it didn't! Perfectly normal pregnancy and perfect baby!
—Guest Es

Pregnant on the pill

Yes I got pregnant on the pill. Been on the pill for years. Had a light period but didnt think nothin of it. The next month m period didnt come. Weird I thot. Started my new pack of pills anyway thinking maybe I missed cuz I been really stressed. Sick of wondering I took a home test and yup it was positive! Big surprise
—Guest Gina

Got pregnant on the pill

My son was conceived while I was on birth control. I missed a day or two and I must have ovulated during that time. He is now almost a year old and perfectly healthy.
—Guest L

Immediately Preggers

I became instant pregnant after stopping the pill-- I should have continued with my 21 day pill cycle (i don't take the 7 day placebos) and we conceived 2 weeks later. @ 8 weeks all was well, measuring perfect and 160bpm @ 13 weeks, we learned the baby basically stopped growing at the 8 week mark, and there was no hb. My theory is I conceived way too soon after coming off the pill (although this article says it's not related).
—Guest I'd Wait

the green pills

I took my pills faithfully everyday, but not the green pills at the last week of the pack because I was told that they served no purpose other than to keep me on track with my pills. I began to feel sick at the stomach and I also had headaches. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive..
—Guest Tavern

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Did you get pregnant on the pill?

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