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Readers Respond: Was your ultrasound wrong?

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Updated January 16, 2011

Ultrasound is used to determine if your baby is a boy or girl in pregnancy. Parents rely on these answers, but sometimes they are wrong. One study showed that women who experienced the wrong gender assignment had conflicts in their marriage and even domestic violence. While this is extreme, you can imagine that there is sadness and shock. Have you experienced this? How did you find out they were wrong? And what happened after that? How long did it take to come to terms with it? Share Your Experience


When I was pregnant with my daughter I got really sick morning sickness was bad... Now I'm pregnant again and Dr said I'm having another girl but I feel totally different with this pregnancy every body tells me I'm having a boy and I feel like it's a boy. Well see when I get my 32week ultrasound :)
—Guest yara

Baby boy

My dr said hes not sure,d gender isnt visible bt im @ my 28th week,dis is my 1st pregnancy n i want a girl.is it posibble
—Guest Mpho

be happy

It doesnt matter wht ur gonna have, be happy on whts gonna come. Dont hope for a boy or a girl, just hope the baby to come healthy. Your gonna love them no matter wht sex it is, your gonna love him/her cuz of the simple fact you felt ur baby move
—Guest OMG MOM

expecting change

I have three girls masha allah. Now with forth i pray for a boy. Pray for me u all.
—Guest lovebaby

ultrasounds gender confusion

I am furious. I didn't find out the gender with my first. It was a girl she's now 4 years old. This time around we were going to keep it a surprise but had to get an extra us at 31 weeks pregnant and we had decided to find out the gender. I was told boy! I was over the moon and went boy shopping immediately ! I've always wanted to have a girl and a boy. My bf is not a fan of having one more child as it is so I felt a huge relief that I managed to get a boy and a girl since he would be furious if I got pregnant again. Needles to say I went to 3d us and was told girl girl girl !!! And had another reg us at 36 weeks and was told girl. I've been through an emotional roller coaster of course all love watever I have but I'm still hoping it pops out a boy .btw the sonographer that said boy had over 20 years experience and you'd think at 31 weeks the gender would be obvious and if wasn't and he just guessed well shame on him.
—Guest Kimberly

What do I believe

I have 2 girls with a previous partner that are 8&5, I also have a little boy with my husband, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and had our scan done when I was 12+4 and the lady said she thought boy, I couldn't help but feel disappointed as I really want a girl with my husband as our little boy is only 2 so just done all the blue shopping with him, could she be wrong? I feel like its a boy , even thou I have no bump due to having server hyperemiss (have it with girls or boys) I have a gender scan booked for when I'm 16 weeks
—Guest Katie

Finding out on Saturday

I had high hcg levels, my test was immediate positive, sicker than sick, early weight gain, husband believes I have my dates wrong, u/s at 21 weeks says boy and only one BUT I cannot shake the feeling of twins and even that of a girl, my 2 year old says there are 2 babies one I a boy one is a girl. I have booked a 3d ultrasound to be sure as I am 31 weeks and still feel like its twins..... I guess we'll see!!!!!
—Guest Kyla


I had a ultrasound at 15 weeks and 5 days they said girl I already have four girls and was so convinced it was a boy any thoughts if the ultrasound was wrong
—Guest Afsha

wrong u/s

I think my u/s is wrong I know I'm preg with a boy and was told today its girl @ 17w 4d ultrasound but I refuse to believe it. All my symptoms and instincts are telling me its a Boy. Will wait for my 21 week u/s :-)
—Guest Thembeka


I m 29 week pregnant and I did my ultrasound yesterday it said girl bt I want boy its my first baby too according to old waves it said boy n my baby heart bit also only130. My first ultrasound said its boy now its says girl I m confused plz help me.
—Guest jita


i was 19weks and my dr said i was having a girl but i was so sure i was having a boy cuz i have 4 girls now i go to the dr every wek cuz am hig rk i went back at 22wek they still said girl but this time my pic look diff i see aboy part and its not hard i try lookin real hard to see if it could be something else but theres no way that can be anything but a boy part so we will see there sayin girl
—Guest jazzy

I think im having a boy

I have my baby's ultra sound pictures but the doctor couldn't tell me what im having because shes not inclined. but it looks like you can see his pee pee. I think, but then again im not sure if I'm right or not.
—Guest Jasmine


Well I was 16weeks pregnant n was told dat its noy visible than it must b a girl coz boys genital area comes out very clear so wen I did again after a month n it was really a girl...now its my second pregnancy n in 14 weeks she herself said it looks like a male baby but its really too early to say as I was nt ready to lstn abt the gender thing she herself said n now my hopes r up...and if it goes wrong I vl b really furious at her by tellng me ...f u r nt sure y u gve hopes and tell others....let's see waiting for more tym den vl do it hope its the same...
—Guest shinrya

wrong ultrasound

My last periods were on the 3rd of May and today when I went to see the Dr,he said I am 11w2d pregnant. How is this possible cos when I count I am 9w5d,PLS HELP!
—Guest Siza

I want a girl!!

Was told its a boy at 19 weeks then again at 23 weeks. We already have 3 boys but Im 100% the test are wrong. Pics were not clear and I know my body especially after carrying 3 boys.
—Guest Dylan

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Was your ultrasound wrong?

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