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Readers Respond: Why did you choose a birth center?

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Updated April 13, 2012

Having a baby takes a lot of work. The default is a hospital birth but many more women are investigating the use of birth centers. Did you look at or choose a birth center for the birth of your baby? Was it because of a midwife? Did you want a water birth? Did you want to avoid a cesarean? How did your partner feel about it? Share Your Experience

Watching the Business of Being Born

was actually sold me on the idea of the out of hospital birth center. I had known since I was 15 that I wanted a midwife but was unsure if I wanted a birth center or if going to the hospital in case I wanted pain medication was better. After I watched this documentary I felt that as long as I was low risk that an out of hospital birth was best for me and it was. I ended up at the only freestanding birth center in my city and I loved it. My daughter was born in a comfortable dimly lit room in the water after only five hours of labor. I was able to walk, talk with my family, eat, drink and do whatever was necessary to cope with the contractions.
—Guest Tia

It was amazing!

My friend had her baby there and it was so cool to see how good she looked. She raved about it. So when I got pregnant I checked it out. My husband was worried at first but when he realized that I would have less risk of a c-section, he was sold. We wanted a water birth but wound up not using the water tub at the time. It was still great experience.
—Guest Gracie

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Why did you choose a birth center?

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