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Readers Respond: What bed rest advice do you have?

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Updated May 21, 2010

From the article: Bed Rest in Pregnancy
No matter why you're on bed rest - high risk pregnancy, preterm labor, incompetent cervix, IUGR, placenta previa, etc., it can be scary. It can also be a time that is hard to manage. How did you ask for and get help? What was the biggest help you had? Did someone come to cook? Did you have help cleaning? If you had older kids who took them to school? What websites did you frequent?

Lots of Movies

Having being put on strict bedrest with no cerclage at 19 1/2 weeks, I know all too well how awful bedrest can be! I know the stress and heartache it brings along with the physical, mental and emotional challenges. I can only suggest to supply yourself with a laptop, a phone, tons of books and lots and lots of movies. Not only will it occupy your mind from thinking about the reality of your situation, it will also make time pass a lot quicker. We were lucky enough to deliver our healthy baby boy at 39 weeks. We just found out that we're pregnant again so if we're blessed enough not to lose this baby early on, we'll be gearing up for the "battle" in a couple of months. I wish you all luck in your struggles and hope that you keep the Lord with you during your "battle".
—Guest CG

cervix cerclage

I lost two pregnancy and now I'm Grego with my son my doctor put cerclage for me but I wasn't on bed rest I don't nothing I move to my mother house I go all to nine month my son is two years old now and I'm pregnant again with my second child and I just got my cerclage done 3 days ago I Hope this one is the same as the fist one my doc told me I'm not on bed rest again I want you guys to pray for Me and I will pray for your take care of your self and the babies best luck all of you
—Guest Natasha

bed rest

I'm on bed rest and got the shots and the pills I have to insert in every night and just thankful for every week that passes by. Today I'm 30 weeks 8 more to go.
—Guest melisa


Kristen - Since you pregnancy is early, you should ask for a cerclage. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of making it to full-term. I lost my first child at 23 weeks and my doctor was very proactive. My second pregnancy was full term thanks to my cerclage at 14 wks and p17 shots. I am pregnant again and had my cerclage even earlier this time. It works. You just have to be dilligent and speak up for yourself. Most doctors wait until you've had TWO losses to diagnose with IC and sugget a cerclage. DON'T WAIT.
—Guest Steph

incompetent cervix

Overnight without any signs, I am told my bag is out and I will loose my baby boy. My cervix is dilated and there is nothing the doctors can do for me but allow nature to take its course. Please pray for me, I'm very depressed right now. I'm hoping for a miracle.
—Guest wendy

My experience with incompetent cervix

I am currently 25 weeks prego and have an incompetent cervix. The doctors tell me that I have about 1/2 cm til my cervix is fully open. But the baby is completely healthy and is a lil bigger than he's supposed to be. I’m staying down as much as possible but it’s hard. I get stir crazy very easily. This is my 3rd pregnancy but my first child. Very excited but still concerned. I’m only 24 and wonder how this can happen to me, I’m so young. The doctors have already given me steroid shots. I also turned down the cerclage because I wasn't comfortable with the risks. So just waiting it out and seeing what happens. Fighting down contractions with juice sprite and water. Hoping to make to 34 weeks. Just have to wait and see. Wish us luck!
—Guest kamenwilliams

Been there

I had a normal pregnancy but very rough labor with my first child. I didn't realize there was damage to my cervix till I lost my son at 28 wks. When I got pregnant again i started having trouble at 17 wks and ended up with the cerclage at 20 wks and bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. To all those going through this-you have my prayers. Hang on,don't sweat the small stuff. I found doing things for the baby helped. I learned to cross stitch and made a blanket for her. It was my good luck charm. Take an online course, order some books. Learn all you can about your condition. No matter what it is scary, but understanding your options takes some of the fear out and gives you back a little of your control. Good luck to all of you!
—Guest Jeanette

Incompetent cervix

I lost my baby boy angel at 20wks :-( and my baby girl Maria at 22wks :-( before I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix so my GYN told me I had to get a cerclage during my next pregnancy so I got a cerclage when I was pregnant of Sarahi at 18wks but due to an infection my water broke and my stitching had to come off emergently at 20wks :-( and that´s how I lost my 3rd baby now I'm trying to get pregnant for the last time and I'm so scared but praying God grants me my biggest dream,to be a Mom please pray for me too and thanks for sharing all your life stories with me they really lift my spirit and give me so much Hope God Bless you all and your Families .
—Guest rubi

Incompetent cervix and uterine didelphys

I was on bedrest at 18 wks with my first child who was born at full term. I have uterine didelphys, meaning two uteruses. It was devastating, scary, lonely. You worry about the baby's physical and mental health, if you will even get the chance to be a mom. I was alone for most of the day as my husband worked 12 hr days, 5 to 6 days a week. This time is scarier because I was now diagnosed with an incompetent cervix on top of it. I was dilated 2 cm at 21 weeks, and got a cerclage. I was observed to have contractions that I don't feel, and am on procardia and a vaginal pill I must insert nightly. My daughter will be 2 tomorrow. Its hard to be laying in bed with a young child. Its been a month of bedrest, and the doctor told me my cervical length is thinner. I feel scared to sit up even. And its so hard to tell your daughter you cant play with her. I feel for my husband also because it is a lot of work. I just try to look at the big picture and think that I don't want any regrets.
—Guest Ale

pesky cervix

Hi moms, this is my 4 th babe, first preg.was terrible i had a cerclage and best rest but ended up having emerg. C section at 28 weeks. That was a hard 81 days of NICU visits. Then strangely but thankfully 2 completely normal full term preg. Now with babe #4 here we go again! At 31 weeks my cervix went down to 1.7 w/ funneling..arrrr..had my beta shots and take progesterone inserts, working like a charm! *fingers crossed* now I'm 33 weeks and bed rest ain't easy but motherhood starts at conception!! I wish all you mommies the best and that you have healthy happy babies. Keep em cookin, the NICU is not fun!
—Guest christin

Try not to sweat the small stuff!!!

I had a cerclage at 16 weeks after losing a pregnancy early last yr at 22wks. Bed rest is very difficult and frustrating because I am Usually very independent & always on the go. I have two other children who are excited for a little sister. As frustrating as it is I am fortunate to have a great husband. My mother in law has also come over to help with the kids & household duties, very thankful. Just remember that no one is going to do things the way you do BUT be THANKFUL for all the help from caring family members. As hard as it is to be on bed rest TRY NOT to sweat the small stuff.....keep the big pic in mind. It is easier said than done BUT try your best & hang in there!!! I have 3.5 months left I just hope this baby girl will stay in there and be healthy till we reach 37 weeks!!! You r not alone in this try to stay strong. A little dust, dirt,mess & clutter in the house won't kill you & if you worked then your emp will have to adjust t o the situation. Good luck to all of you!
—Guest kay

Holding On

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and been on bedrest since my cerclage at 13 weeks. Started funneling at 19 weeks. Admitted in the hospital and on continuous magnesium sulfate. So far I'm tolerating everything but getting crazy though being in the hospital. I'm hanging in there very hopeful for positive outcome. With God in control, i believe that everything going to be ok. It just takes patience. Im holding on!
—Guest Che

4th Lil Blessing on the Way

For no apparent reason other than being a busy mother I experienced preterm labor @ 30 weeks and have been put on strict bedrest. I have been blessed to have 3 problem free births. I am currently getting through this with lots of help from family and friends. I know this is best for the baby, so excepting help and knowing that some things aren't getting finished or aren't just so doen't affect me. It gets hard and sometimes a good cry can make you feel better. Sometimes we may feel like the doctor doesn't have a clue, but in reality their main objective is keeping our little one safe. I feel just trying to stay comfy and having people to talk to is key, don't be ashamed to call others to just talk or have them to come over and visit. Believe me they will not mind.
—Guest Jennifer

Bed Rest

I lost my little girl this past January when I was 20 weeks pregnant. They notice I had an incompetent cervix when I was 17 weeks and they put a Cerclage in. I was already dilated when they put it in. Little did my doctor tell me that being that far dilated lower my chances in even getting to 24 weeks. It is and still is very hard to go through. I am pregnant again with my second child. I am 14 weeks and my doctors are giving me a choice. To either do the cerclage now, or they can monitor me every two weeks and watch for when I start thinning. I have no idea what I'm going to decide yet. I'm just going to pray and hope that I end up making the right decision. As of bed rest for me, I had a specialist and 3 other doctors telling me to be on strict bed rest. But my doctor didn't want that. She said I could go back to work and do all normal things, and she said since she is my doctor to do what she said. I think bed rest helps out a lot, I just wish I would of done the bed rest.
—Guest Kristin

3rd Pregnancy - Bed Rest

This is my 3rd Pregnancy and have been put on bed rest at 22 weeks after having a stitch put in my cervix. I have an incompetent cervix and had my first child born premature at 32 weeks and my second child I had bed rest from 27 weeks. No stitch put it that time because it had shortened too much before doctors had realized. The outcome worth it and she was born full term and healthy. This time bed rest a lot earlier but I have living proof that bed rest does work even though it is extremely hard mentally & emotionally. Keeping your mind occupied is the answer and trying to deal with your emotions by thinking of the positive outcome. Hang in there girls we are all in it together!

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