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Readers Respond: What bed rest advice do you have?

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Updated May 21, 2010

From the article: Bed Rest in Pregnancy
No matter why you're on bed rest - high risk pregnancy, preterm labor, incompetent cervix, IUGR, placenta previa, etc., it can be scary. It can also be a time that is hard to manage. How did you ask for and get help? What was the biggest help you had? Did someone come to cook? Did you have help cleaning? If you had older kids who took them to school? What websites did you frequent? Share Your Tips

Get your cerclage early!!!

My water broke at 20 weeks, and I subsequently lost my son due to an incompetent cervix. My doctor did not put the cerclage in due to the dilation of my cervix. He told me the risk of infection increases the farther along you are - which is why it's best to do the procedure early in the pregnancy. I was in the hospital on bed rest for three days before I was induced. Although this was my first pregnancy, my doctor diagnosed it right away. The plan for my next pregnancy is to have the procedure done at 12 weeks. Good luck Moms!
—Guest Guest Michelle

9 weeks 2days and diagnosed IC

I am 9wks 2days pregnant and this is my third pregnancy. In 2009 I had a miscarriage at 14 wks and in Dec. 2011 I lost my son at 16 wks I went the whole day having contractions not knowing that i was having them and the evening my water broke long story short my son was stillborn. The autopsy report states all organs was developing properly and he was fine. Anyway I am pregnant with baby #3 and out of the blue began bleeding non stop as if I had a heavy period no cramps no pain..went to the ER where I was given a transvaginal exam and saw my baby and a heart beat however the doctor also showed me that my cervix was shortening. I am paranoid and would hate to go through another loss ..my doctor stated before all of this that I would probably need to get a cerclage and as early as 10 wks so im hoping it can be done because i really want to have my baby and see he/she healthy. I would like some inputs thanx!!!
—Guest chevy

on cerclage nd 1month bedrest

the experience is d same.wen u ve ur cerclage on all u ve 2 do s to take enough bedrest even if ur dr didnot say so so as to avoid any unforseen ocurence.may God help us all
—Guest jumoke

Contractions and cervical dilation 18wks

Today I spent the entire day in L&D with contractions and 1/2cm dilation Cervix thank God is 4cm. My baby boy is a playful little thing, I just wanna see him get to his due date. I'm trusting God for this miracle.
—Guest Kate


After 2 losses, ic was diagnosed. Had cerclage for this pregnancy at 20weeks. I have being on bedrest and pelvic rest since then. Now 34weeks along. Cerclage still in. To be removed at 37weeks. Books, movies and tapes have been of great help. Wishing all expectant moms the very best.
—Guest seyi

Be informed & proactive & get a cerclage

I lost my beautiful twins at 21wks & 2 days bc no one knew I had an incomp cervix until a routine 19 wk u/s showed I was 4cm dilated & my daughter's membrane was bulging out. They gave me a emergency cerclage the next day, but a few days later, my daughter's amniotic fluid started leaking. They think the bulging membrane allowed infection to get in & ruptured her sac. I was on bed rest in the hospital & a few days later, my son's water broke. About 1.5 days after that, the infection spread to me & I went into labour. They were too premature to survive. I then went into septic shock on the delivery table & almost died. After 3 more yrs of expensive & distressing fertility treatments, we just found out yesterday that we're finally pregnant again. I'm definitely going to insist on an early cerclage this time because emergency ones don't work as well as early ones & we're desperately hoping to keep this baby. Good luck to all of you!
—Guest Casey

funneling cervix and bedrest

I almost lost my first baby at 18 weeks due to a funneling cervix. Thankfully my OB took immediate action and I got a cerclage and put on strict bedrest. I also took nephedepine to prevent contractions. Now my son is fpur years old and I am 9 weeks pregnant. I will receive my cerclage in 3 weeks and will be taking meds to prevent contractions. I am already on light bedrest and taking pregesterone. Praying for a healthy baby! My best advice is if your worried go to the Dr! If they don't think you're concerned they wont try as hard. My OB gave me his cell number because he knows I'm scared to death! Read everything you can find about preterm labor and incompetent cervix. Know what to look for and be prepared to stay in the hospital a lot! In the mean time keep a stash of snacks and water or juice by your bed. Internet and tv are a Godsend! Also books :)
—Guest snetterbug


I just lost my son at 20 weeks due to my cervix. I just want to thank everyone for sharing their stories. It gives me hope. No words can tell you what it really means to me.
—Guest rashawna

don't stress

Just get plenty of rest stay off your feet & listen to your doc invest in lots of books let your partner and family support you it's worth this is my first pregnacy I'm 22 weeks & 5days been on bedrest since tuesday I'm just praying to god that my baby girl will be strong for me like I'm going to be strong for her I thank god for this beautiful experience of new life i'm so happy to become a mom just pray I believe all will be fine
—Guest Jdwgirl

1st time mom on bed rest

i'm 16wks now and advised to be on bedrest.CL 3cm i pray it doesnt shorten and funneling is arrested. was offered cerclage but im already on heparin n aspirin as i have APS.i'd like to spare my baby girl and my first the added meds if i can help it. but im open to cerclage if my CL goes down to 2cm in the next 4wks. praying it doesnt though.im ok with bedrest.im just very lucky to have a very supportive family and a powerful and loving God. pls help us pray for my baby girl..as it is i am already very lucky to conceive cos i had been operated on 2yrs ago for dermoid cysts in both ovaries, and had been diagnosed then with endometriosis. i believe the Lord has big plans for baby n me. all moms out there in similar situations, lets not lose hope. our baby inside needs us the most at this time.
—Guest elibelly

Working on 3 healthy babies!

I have had bed rest with 2 previous pregnancies and I am currently 21w3d into #3. My first daughter was born at 32w5d after a 6 week hospital stay for PROM. I was only 19 at the time and was very frustrated by the combination of isolation and terbutaline (a nasty drug that stops labor but makes everything shake and your heart beat insanely fast!) A healthy baby was the best reward for my time! I waited 11 years to venture into motherhood again. #2 seemed to be a whole new world compared to the first...until week 25 when a routine ultrasound revealed that I was dilating. An emergency circlage saved the day but I was on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy, eventually landing in the hospital where I stayed for 9 weeks. My 2nd daughter was born at 34w1d the day before my 30th birthday! I have had a cerclage placed at 12w with this pregnancy and I'm hoping to deliver a 35+ weeker with minimal bed rest! Best of luck to you all on your miraculous journey! Remember You are a superhero!
—Guest Katie K

bed rest and cerclage

Thank you for your responses and comments guys. I really feel like going on. I am 33 weeks and delivery seems so far away as I am on bed rest after getting my cerclage.
—Guest yvonne

cervical incompetence

At 17wks I found water coming out I went hospital on admission and. With prayers the water stop I believe God for a miracle to hold this baby for me until the end.pls pray for me
—Guest ifeoma


i had my cervical ceclage last week Im 14weeks preg Im having very strong back and lower abdominal pains I had 2 caesars for my boys I praying every second because I raptured @ 30wks for my second born then my GA suggested the stitch Good luck everyone who is going through this ure not alone Im on bedrest God will provide
—Guest zodwa


i had cerclage done last week at my 13wk, after i lost my 1st baby girl at 24 wks.. Iam so scary and hope it go well this time, my doc give one month rest and then to go back to work. Iam taking slow steps, rest most of the time , staying with my mother god bless her , my husbend doesnt like this so much, but he come by every day
—Guest sosa

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