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Readers Respond: How do you wrap your baby shower gifts?

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Updated October 16, 2011

Baby shower gifts should be fun and creatively wrapped in my mind. What I love to so is to have a functional wrapping for my baby shower presents, but all creativity is great. What do you do to wrap creatively? Do you have a secret technique that you care to share?

Gifts that are big!

If i have a gift that is too big, like a car seat or stroller, I used to go to the dollar store and get a huge plastic gift bag printed with baby stuff. But I hated wasting the plastic. Now I just leave it in the box and leave it in my car. I bring a small gift with a photo of the car seat or other large gift. Something like a baby toy or stuffed animal. This always creates a much bigger surprise because no one suspects that the gift is really something big! You can also put it in a small gift bag to hide it even further.
—Guest Mellie

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