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Readers Respond: Does every baby deserve a baby shower?

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Updated December 24, 2009


I am pregnant with my second girl, my first is 2 1/2 I obviously have everything Big stuff, clothes bottles etc. However, I gave a lot of things to a family member that doesn't seem that want to give things back or share anything at all and my first showers I had two one I got nothing I needed from my registry and the second none of my friends came due to selfish fighting. So not the happiest of memories. I don't think its okay for me to have a shower but I have heard suggestions like a Diaper/Feeding shower (bottles, burp cloths etc.) or even a coupon party or a portion party where you come up with a list of things that you need and a value and people contribute a couple dollars towards the item or let you borrow that item for a time. I believe for a second you should not go and register like you did for your first depending on age diff. esp under 5 years. Every baby should be celebrated in some way. Gifts or no gifts!
—Guest Erica

Very greedy!

I gave my niece a very expensive stroller for her first shower, now she's having her second boy and I noticed from her "registry" (very tacky) that she's asking for another stroller! Her first born is only 4 years old! I had three children, each three years apart, and had the same stroller, crib, car seat, etc. for all three. Asking for brand new "just because this baby needs to be loved too" is VERY greedy and inconsiderate to those who were generous the the first time around. I am NOT going to this second shower.
—Guest Annoyed aunt

Second baby shower

I think it is okay to have a second baby shower. The second child should be loved just as the first born!
—Guest Mz Jae87

Second Showers

I am of the opinion that if you are going to have a second shower you should wait until the baby is born and make it more of a welcoming party then a shower. I agree that it can be tacky to have the normal "First time mom" Shower, but there are always women like me who barely had a first shower.
—Guest Expecting number two

A second shower.

I'm 7 months pregnant with my second child and I'm having a shower next month. However when I made the registry I told all my friends and family to feel free to just use it as an idea board that I have all the big things (car seat stroller and crib) but since my daughter is almost 4 I do need a lot of the little things like bottles, clothes, diapers, and a monitor.
—Guest Candice

Why not celebrate?

We're having our second boy, and FIVE of my friends insisted on hosting a shower for us. Only two of these friends were around for my first son & first shower, because the others are newer to town or "mom" friends. These friends know that any baby is cause for celebration (plus my second is coming after many, many miscarriages, and a difficult pregnancy, too). I'm second in the group to have a second baby & shower, and I hope the third, due in five months, will let me and the others throw her a second shower, too (I missed her first). I was a little uncomfortable with the idea at first, but realized that it's not bad to let others celebrate you and your family. So I'm having one five-host super-relaxed book shower, mostly with friends made since the birth of my first.
—Guest twoboys


I think it all depends on the situation. I think only one actual shower is enough. I'm currently pregnant with my second and hoping on having a shower. When I had my first I was really young and didn't have a shower or anything of the sort. Now that I'm older I'd like to enjoy this pregnancy and the fun that comes with it. If I had already had one shower I highly doubt I'd be having another.
—Guest Almosttwo

Second baby, first baby shower

I believe every mother should at least once experience a baby shower, being spoiled with gifts for either herself or the baby before the arrival of the newborn. I never experienced the pleasure of having a baby shower for my first child and am thinking of having one for my second or really for myself.
—Guest Kim

Tacky and Greedy

While I do agree that every child is special and should be celebrated,, I don't think spending an afternoon ohhing and ahhing over baby gifts. Especially when the first child is only 2. They have enough to get started. Most people would rather bring a gift to the hospital or when mom gets home. This is essential for different sex babies. I think first time moms, new marriage with no prior children on one parents side, or later in life babies are the only appropriate ones needed!
—Guest Julia

There are exceptions.

This is my second time being pregnant and its with twins, fraternal. The first time I was pregnant I moved quite a distance away with my husband at the time and didn't have a baby shower. Since I've been divorced and moved home. I gave away all of my baby stuff not thinking I'd have any for years. Then I met my fiance' and after a while we got pregnant, and like I said with twins! My mother is throwing me a shower because she says she missed my first and doesn't want to miss this one. Plus, I have nothing left! Just my toddler's clothing and items that she uses that wouldn't work for newborns. We're buying a changing table and cribs and car seats, but it will be nice to have some help with bottles, diapers, wipes, burp clothes. Things that haven't been in my home in a VERY long time.
—Guest Sandy B.

Any time a shower should be ok.

I am on my 3rd child. I have 2 boys. We were told this one will be a girl. My first shower was when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first and low and behold when I got up the morning of the shower my water broke. So my shower was cancelled and 3 weeks later the day before my son came home from the hospital my mom through a small shower only about half of the people came for a short time and we only played bingo and she ordered pizza since she wasnt going to pay twice for catered food. So now that this baby is a girl and I only have boy things two friends of mine want to throw me a another shower. I told them no but they wouldnt take that for an answer. So now at 32 weeks my friends are throwing me another one. This one is going to be more traditional and hopefully with no water breaking! Other then the game they found called my Water Broke (since it happend at my first) So I believe under some cases it is ok to have a shower Anytime!

Showers for First Borns Only

I have a friend who is having a shower for her 2nd baby. She doesn't want to know the gender and her first born is a girl and is only 18 months. I feel she has everything unless she's having a boy and since we don't know that, I'll buy them a gift after the baby is born. I'm not attending the party. I feel I'm just assisting them with their new budget. I don't want to be rude but I already have 3 more showers to go to this month!
—Guest Martha

Baby Shower for First Borns Only

It is more agreeable to have a one baby shower. Anything more than that, is simply viewed as greed and poor taste. You're not a first time mother anymore, so you should be well equipped for the second baby, third baby, fourth baby, etc... If you want another party for another baby, don't call it a Shower, lots of people call it a Sprinkle.
—Guest Irene C.

showers of blessing:o)

Being on my 8th, I think each child is special and deserves to be celebrated. After 5 girls, I am finally having another boy! My last boy was over 9 yrs ago so I desperately need more boys stuff again. Every situation is different. It could be that the mom needs new stuff for another sex, or that she could use diapers and wipes, or that it's her first and she needs everything. In any situation diapers, wipes and food are always needed and instead of a traditional baby shower you could do and food or diapers shower! Babies are something to celebrate no matter how many children you have. And it's not just the presents that make a shower...it's the fellowship and fun! Our church does a bassinet shower for everyone. The bassinet is left in the foyer one Sunday and everyone who wants can leave cards, presents or money in the bassinet. No big party but everyone feels special and the babies are celebrated!
—Guest blessings7

An excuse to be with friends and family

I'm about to enter my second trimester, and the idea had popped into my head about having another shower. I asked my husband what he thought, and he didn't seem to have an opinion either way. Much help! So I asked my mom, and she said she felt it was up to me and how I felt about it. After thinking for awhile, I decided, why not! I intend to write on the invitations that presents aren't necessary, and it'll be just a gathering of friends, with snacks and maybe some multi-player games on our Wii console!
—Guest Jessie

Second babies need some love, too!

Back in the 60's in my neck of the woods, we gave a shower for each baby. I remember going to that of my brother-to-be, and he was #4 in the space of 6 years! I was number 2 and it's one of my earliest memories. Mmm, butter mints! Mom went into labor during the party. As a second child, I think each child needs a party!
—Guest wb

Modify the Baby Shower

We had a modified baby shower for my second. Some call it a sprinkle rather than shower. We had friends over and served snacks and everyone brought me food or a coupon for food after the baby was born. It was a great way to have fun with my friends and celebrate the baby without the expense of a baby shower for anyone.

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