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Readers Respond: What did you call your baby before birth?

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Updated December 09, 2009

Everyone wants to bond with their baby in pregnancy. And going around saying "it" or "the baby" gets old after awhile. Typically you don't even think about nick naming the baby, it just happens. Someone says something funny and Hot Pepper, or whatever else was so funny, is the new code word for baby. Perhaps you had an early ultrasound and your baby looked like a jelly bean or peanut, that can be a quick route to a fetal nick name. Did you have a fetal nick name? Who came up with it? How did it happen? Share Your Fetal Names


When we first found out we were pregnant we were looking up babies(of course) and different stages of development. And well, early on fetus look like beluga whales so Beluga stuck!
—Guest K3

Fetal Name

We named our first Beetle, because I really thought the baby looked like a toy beetle car during our ultrasound. Yet to name the present one.
—Guest Shahnaz

chicken little

Started with the baby chicken in its egg emoji, its yellow & we dont know the gender. Popped out of no where
—Guest cevee

Baby ayi

Im 31 weeks pregnant right n0w and had my ultrasound... my 2years old son (youngest,as of now) call his little brother in my tummy BABY AYI... i don't kn0w where did he getS that idea but it s0unds sweet...
—Guest Joy

Gummy bear

When I had my first ultrasound at 10 weeks, my son looked like exactly like a gummy bear, with little nubbies for arms and legs. That's what we called him until we found out the gender.
—Guest Ellen


Our first was Noodle, second was Bean, third was Cricket and this one is Gumdrop. My kids love calling him/her Gumdrop! :-)
—Guest K


Thought I was going to get out of the morning sickness then at 7w it hit... All day and all night... Hence the nick name "chuck" :P
—Guest Sambo


Thought it was cute because she was hitching a ride for 9 months!
—Guest Teresa

androgynous Pat

We call ours Pat because we are not finding out the gender. Like Pat on SNL
—Guest valerie

roly poly

My first ultrasound my baby was just moving around they couldn't get a good picture
—Guest shonte


We wanted a gender neutral name and it played off zygote and the old Ziggy cartoon that was sort of a gender neutral character.
—Guest Laura


my girl friend is pregnent and in stead of saying the baby he she or it we say blob now when the baby's born imma call it blob for ever it's my little blob lol
—Guest goodbar


Noah will be his name, and his brother who just turned three cant seem to say it. He says "noone" instead. It stuck, and now as I am setting up a crib I hear things like that "is that for noone?". Its cute, and funny, but if it sticks after he's born... well poor kid!
—Guest Noone

Baby name before birth

My husband coined the name "Cletus"- as in Cletus the fetus. Of course it will change when we find out the sex, but he swears it will forever have the nickname Cletus!
—Guest Rachel


When we first saw our baby on ultrasound "it" was the size of a Kumquat or a Prune.. We want to be surprised the day of the birth and not wanting to call the baby "it" for months the name Kumquat stuck and that's what we call our growing fetus :)
—Guest Liz

Share Your Fetal Names

What did you call your baby before birth?

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