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Readers Respond: What did you call your baby before birth?

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Updated December 09, 2009

Everyone wants to bond with their baby in pregnancy. And going around saying "it" or "the baby" gets old after awhile. Typically you don't even think about nick naming the baby, it just happens. Someone says something funny and Hot Pepper, or whatever else was so funny, is the new code word for baby. Perhaps you had an early ultrasound and your baby looked like a jelly bean or peanut, that can be a quick route to a fetal nick name. Did you have a fetal nick name? Who came up with it? How did it happen?

I was so hungry...

...that I started calling our baby "Little Bear." I was hungry as a bear. :)
—Guest zebrapants

Tidbit and Trouble

We called my first "Tidbit" because our first glimpse of her was at 6 weeks and she was only 3 mm long. The second, we've dubbed "Trouble" because she has put us through so many scares so far and because this pregnancy has been a really tough one for me. We joke that this one's going to give us a run for our money when she gets out, too. (Our first is an unusually easy child and has been since birth, so we're due for a little shake-up.)
—Guest KateC

Baby nickname

We nicknamed our baby Nugget. Not sure why we picked that one, it just happened.
—Guest Stefanie

Babycakes JR.

Our KT Bear (real name Katee) (9 year old puppy dog) has always been our baby, just it just made sense to call her Babycakes JR.
—Guest Kressie


Actually its just like "popcorn"always pops up like his father, as my mother-in-law told me
—Guest vinanti yogi

the boys named her

When we told our 5 and 3 year old boys about the new baby they named her Raddish Bottompocket. I have no idea why they picked that but it stuck!
—Guest maggie


When we got our first set of sonogram picture you could clearly see the baby's skeleton. My husband said look babe we are having a baby skelator!(character from an 80's cartoon) From there forward it's been called skelator.
—Guest Natalie


Our baby was the same size as a sesame seed when we found out, & who lives on Sesame St, but Elmo. I still call him Elmo, but my husband calls him Nemo, coz it took us so long to find him
—Guest Wezza bell


So far, we've called him/her either Bun (Bun in the oven) or Peanut. c: We'll more than likely call him/her by their name once we determine the gender and get it picked out.
—Guest Minda


Hoping for a baby girl fingers crossed... Currently we have a 5 year son who started telling the family he is getting a sister.
—Guest naysaun

boy or girl

I have a feeling am having a boy..my husband thinks It's a girl...I call him Joey and he calls her Zoe..It's our 1'st.
—Guest sey'

Gummy Bear

At our 2nd ultrasound (due to some complications) we were 9 weeks and the ultrasound tech said they look like gummy bears at this stage and sure enough we agreed and our little one has been called our gummy bear.
—Guest Ericncheron


I called my first child (who's name is now Aubella) Carrot Nose, because I found out was pregnant on Easter!! :)
—Guest Themummybird


Squid was chosen because as I was looking at a drawing of a human before it is even considered a fetus; the head, tail, arm/leg buds seemed like a squid. Complete with buldging eyes. It was confirmed to me that I was pregnant @ 5 weeks. Amazing! Now my family except my mom and dad call our little one Squid.
—Guest Leedo Squid

Little Bean

Little Bean is what immediately came to mind early on because the baby was the size of a bean. Now I call it Babe.
—Guest Guest Priscilla
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