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Readers Respond: What advice do you have for baby naming and sharing the names?

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Updated June 11, 2009

You're having a baby and you've finally settled on the perfect name or a very good short list of possibilities. How do you tell your family and friends what name you've chosen when they ask? Or do you tell them? Are you worried about their reaction? Sometimes families are worried that their names will be stolen. Others worry that their names will be disliked intensely. Share Your Advice

It's youre choice.

Hello. My name is Phoebe and I'm proud mother of 9 kids. I don't like my name alot but i respect it beacus my parents gave it to me. I like not so usually names. So my babies are. Bailey Haven 15 years Kaelynn Delilah 13 years Timothy Joshua 11 years Louis Ethan 9 years Brooklyn Rose 6 years Avery Precious and Austin Pascual twins 5 years. Melodie Inya and Miraede Indigo 3 years Proud mom of; Bay, Lynn, Josh, Lou, Rose, Ave, Pasch, Melo and Indi. Don't think too much, just give them names you like.
—Guest Phoebe

Dont give a f**k!

When my husband and I knew that we were having a baby we were so thrilled but i was only 17 and although he was 29, my mum didnt think that we could take care of a kid or even chose a name! Besides we found out we were having twins! My mother wanted to controlle all and she chose names after people she knew and others that she liked, but they were our babies so we didnt give a f**k and called our kids Bentley and Finley even though my mum didnt like'em! Now our kids (4) like their names and even my mum likes them now :)
—Guest Carolyn

Never call a child by middle name

I went by my middle name and it has been a pain my whole life! Save your child a lot of trouble, use their first name!
—Guest Ava Susan

Don't mix up!

Some people name there kids Harry and Larry, just so they can fit together. My boys names are Bertram and Konroy, ( Berty & Roy)they may not seem to fit together, but they have the same meaning, wise
—Guest Guest Re

Naming traditions

In the past in Scotland, it was the custom to name the first son after the father's father and the first daughter after the mother's mother, second son after mother's father, second daughter after father's mother. For family historians this was a real boone.
—Guest Graeme Laird

Baby names

Do't be mad if someone steals your names that just means that they love your names and couldn't think of any them selves. And if they steal a name that just means you helped name that baby! :)
—Guest Emmie

Choose wisely

I may be young but I have already been through my fair share of naming experiences. I also have a love for words and especially names. I would say just choose the people you tellwisely.
—Guest The Aunt


I think that u should pick a name that is different bcuz children with the average names tend to act the same as the children u dont want them around and bcome disobedient Give ur child a name that shows he/she that they are not average mothers and father say their child or children ar their the greatest give them a name that show it From a 12 yr old girl
—Guest Cute

maybe fib?

I stopped telling friends our names as I was getting upset by reactions like "Why on earth would you name a babay that?" or "I knew a so-and-so at school, he was horrible, everyone hated him". I have found now that instead of me offering names, they have started making offering names they think are funny...... names I wouldn't wish on a pet, (Would you invite "bubba-babba" or "stormageddon" for a play date?). I am thinking of choosing a few names I don't care much for and lying, or maybe it is time to just tell them to be quiet?
—Guest peek

Rythm is important

My wife an I foind out we were having twin bous and it took us forever to come up with names that were agreeable. We decided on Jaycen Evan and Jayden Ethan. Normally I would have said dont name them somthething similar but theyre twins and sre more alike eachother than other siblings. They will always be identified as twins
—Guest 1st time dad

Stuff I Love!!!!!!!!

Boys: Kirian, Jaxx, Archer, Jay, Alec/Alek, Piper, Nathaniel. Girls: Nekoda, Wynter, Seraphina, Piper, Deryn, Deryth, Adele, Echo, Iliana. The List Goes On!!!! Girls:
—Guest JustMe


Choose names that are not too common like Austin, Logan, Hannah, or Katy. Be creative. But still, don't select names that can get made fun of like Dick, Peter, Lesbia, Stone, Gay, or Hortense. Duh. My name choices (for two boys) are Marshall Lee and Hollis James. :)
—Guest Neon Wrestler

Loved Waiting

My husband and I went into our delivery with 8 names on our "short" list. As soon as we saw our daughter, we knew which one fit. We even both agreed about it! I loved waiting to see her before choosing a name, so we'll do the same this time. As for other people "stealing" my name... well, I don't really feel that a name was ever mine to begin with. It's easy to be so generous about sharing names when you're a Kate from the 80s. There were four of us in my English class alone, growing up! But I still love my name, even if it is super common, and it still feels very much like me. I do try to choose less popular names for my own children, but I never really expect to have a monopoly on even my favorite and most creative ideas. Besides, my husband vetoes most of those creative ones anyway! :)
—Guest KateC

Let Older Kids Have An Input

We have older b/g twins called Oliver Steven Thomas and Olivia Sarah Tereasa (Olly and Livvy) and when we found out that I was pregnant with quads (two boys and two girls) we decided to let the twins who were eight at the time,name them. They thought for weeks and weeks and with a bit of help from their gran came up with these- Elliot Christian Peter, Michael Andrew Nicholas, Reese Abriela Naomi and Kelly Annalise Siobhan. I loved them and so did their dad. Although the twins have the exact same initials and their names are the opposite gender versions of each others they decided to give the quads a chance to be themselves.
—Guest Lola

Make Sure Your Sure

My husband and I already had one daughter when I fell pregnant with quintuplets. They were all girls and me and my husband were so excited. I immediately knew that one would be called Kennedy Aubrie Isabella. Kennedy was my dad's name and he passed away when I was eleven, Aubrie was my gran's name and Isabella was my younger sister's name. We let our oldest daughter Alexia (7) name the other four and she picked Eva Adelaide Frances, Paige Alice Olivia, Camryn Penelope Elaine and Maria Cherry Susanna. She picked out all the first names herself and I helped her with the middle names which are all after family members.
—Guest Brenna Fenton

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What advice do you have for baby naming and sharing the names?

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