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Readers Respond: What advice do you have for baby naming and sharing the names?

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Updated June 11, 2009

You're having a baby and you've finally settled on the perfect name or a very good short list of possibilities. How do you tell your family and friends what name you've chosen when they ask? Or do you tell them? Are you worried about their reaction? Sometimes families are worried that their names will be stolen. Others worry that their names will be disliked intensely.

Stuff I Love!!!!!!!!

Boys: Kirian, Jaxx, Archer, Jay, Alec/Alek, Piper, Nathaniel. Girls: Nekoda, Wynter, Seraphina, Piper, Deryn, Deryth, Adele, Echo, Iliana. The List Goes On!!!! Girls:
—Guest JustMe


Choose names that are not too common like Austin, Logan, Hannah, or Katy. Be creative. But still, don't select names that can get made fun of like Dick, Peter, Lesbia, Stone, Gay, or Hortense. Duh. My name choices (for two boys) are Marshall Lee and Hollis James. :)
—Guest Neon Wrestler

Loved Waiting

My husband and I went into our delivery with 8 names on our "short" list. As soon as we saw our daughter, we knew which one fit. We even both agreed about it! I loved waiting to see her before choosing a name, so we'll do the same this time. As for other people "stealing" my name... well, I don't really feel that a name was ever mine to begin with. It's easy to be so generous about sharing names when you're a Kate from the 80s. There were four of us in my English class alone, growing up! But I still love my name, even if it is super common, and it still feels very much like me. I do try to choose less popular names for my own children, but I never really expect to have a monopoly on even my favorite and most creative ideas. Besides, my husband vetoes most of those creative ones anyway! :)
—Guest KateC

Let Older Kids Have An Input

We have older b/g twins called Oliver Steven Thomas and Olivia Sarah Tereasa (Olly and Livvy) and when we found out that I was pregnant with quads (two boys and two girls) we decided to let the twins who were eight at the time,name them. They thought for weeks and weeks and with a bit of help from their gran came up with these- Elliot Christian Peter, Michael Andrew Nicholas, Reese Abriela Naomi and Kelly Annalise Siobhan. I loved them and so did their dad. Although the twins have the exact same initials and their names are the opposite gender versions of each others they decided to give the quads a chance to be themselves.
—Guest Lola

Make Sure Your Sure

My husband and I already had one daughter when I fell pregnant with quintuplets. They were all girls and me and my husband were so excited. I immediately knew that one would be called Kennedy Aubrie Isabella. Kennedy was my dad's name and he passed away when I was eleven, Aubrie was my gran's name and Isabella was my younger sister's name. We let our oldest daughter Alexia (7) name the other four and she picked Eva Adelaide Frances, Paige Alice Olivia, Camryn Penelope Elaine and Maria Cherry Susanna. She picked out all the first names herself and I helped her with the middle names which are all after family members.
—Guest Brenna Fenton

Ask Older Kids.

I have an older daughter called Eve form a relationship in college and when I fell pregnant with twins when she was nine she was so happy.My husband (her stepdad) has raised her since she was two and we decided to let her name the twins. We found out that we were having a boy and a girl and when we told Eve that she could name them both she was so happy. She told all her friends and got them to help her. I was six months pregnant when she finally decided on the names. She said that the girl baby would be Belle Eliza Autumn and the baby boy would be Blaine Patrice Harrison. Eliza was after her Nana (my mum), Autumn was after her Granma (my mother in law), Patrice was for her Grandpa who is in the army and Harrison was after her uncle (my brother in law). I adored the names Belle and Blaine and I admired her for honouring her family with their middle names. Now the twins Belle and Blaine are 3 and Eve is 13 and she adores her little brother and sister.
—Guest My Amazing Kids

Your Babies-Your Pick

I have nine kids and they all have individual names. My oldest is Alexandria Michelle (Alex.) Next is my fraternal twins Lauren Shelia and Chelsea Margaret. Then it's Ace Benedict, Rauiridh William (Roory) and Dana Finn (Da-na not Day-na). My next twins are identical twin girls called Demi Anne and Addison Makayla. My youngest is Hope Grace. Her name was picked because she was born prematurely and we held all hope. Chelsea & Lauren's names were just names that I liked and I didn't want them to be the same just because their twins. So when picking your kids names just go for the ones you like.
—Guest Kathyryn

Think Big

I've always known right from when I was about twelve that I if I ever had a daughter I would name her Alex. Sure enough when I fell pregnant at fifteen I named my baby girl Alex. I had always liked Natalia and Adrianna for twin girls and when my twins were born that is exactly what I named them.
—Guest Chelsea

Double Barrel Second Names

If you have a double barrel last name don't give your child a long first name! It just doesn't sound right.
—Guest EliseSmithHoward

I don't know :)

For the most part it seems there are three main questions; when are you due? What are you having? What is the name? This is my second child and to avoid any defensive answers due to anyones judgemental two sense I simply state: I don't know (with a smile) but I am taking suggestions. People want to feel a part of a new babies life and value. As a person themselves. My suggestion is simply to say "I don't know but I'm taking suggestions" - remember to smile, make eye contact and truly thank them: example; "thank you those are nice names" (while smiling of course). Warning do not say anything such as "Oh yes I'll write that down" or statements that will box you into a corner because badgering & guilt trips will continue for your interrupted agreement. The name is yours to choose! Happy research :)
—Guest EHoney

Please refrain from alternate spellings!

Alternate spellings aren't cute. You might like the extra vowels and unexpected consonants and the "unique" look of the name, but guaranteed, your child will spend the rest of his/her life explaining the spelling and pronunciation to strangers, receiving the wrong name on correspondence, and so forth. It makes you look like you can't spell and it reflects badly on your children. (No, Officer, "Haennrie" is not a misprint.) Your "Jzahck-liynne Luizze" will curse you someday. Trust me on this. Don't do it!
—Guest Pleaseno


There seems to be a trend lately regarding feminine or traditionally girls names given to baby boys. After a lot of thought about it, I've warmed to the idea and have some names for boys that are definitely feminine but not so feminine that they might be okay. How about - Lori, Morgan, Celia, Tina, Cindy, Jacki, Shonda, Emily, Deborah, Emeline, Lisa, Sasha, April, Cindy, and the list goes on. What is your opinion on this topic, again I for one think it is a nice trend, I feel that boys deserve pretty names and much as girls do.
—Guest Lilith

The more the merrier!

I have 6 kids expecting my 7th and 8th, and funny thing is they are all twins! My eldest are Vyvean Roze and Ysabel Raine (11) followed by Chayse Barrett and Thalia Monique (8) then comes Madelynn Destinee and Keeton Alyxander (4). We are naming our final children Olyvea-Grayce and Aedon Krystopher. My husband Brayden and I love normal names with a unique twist! We have passed this trait onto my sister Alannah, who has named her 3 kids Huntyr Warrynn (6), Graysonn Olyver (4) and Skylyr Maree (2). She is expecting her fourth and final child who they will name Parys Violah. For us, normal names with unique spellings us the way to go!!
—Guest MultiplesMarina

People should choose their own names

Parents should be allowed to give children only a temporary name. The ultimate choice should be the individual's. We should set up a system where at a certain age (12 and up?) kids can choose their own names and make them legal after using them for a year. My mother didn't listen to her own mother and gave me only one name, and it never was me. I was miserable for 25 years until I finally went to court and changed it. Imagine having a name that makes you cringe, consistently, for decades. Given that a person will live around 80 years, the individual should have the ultimate say in what he or she is called.
—Guest LessonfromthePast

Bad meanings

Personally, I believe it's an imperative part in choosing a baby's name to investigate the meaning/ origin of the name. I have come across several people, for instance, with names that have negative connotations e.g. Diedre ("broken-hearted, sorrowful"), Benoni ("son of my sorrow") and Cash ("vain"). Do you really want your child to carry this burden into their lives? Besides, sometimes its the meaning that makes the name. (:
—Guest Violette Mae

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