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Readers Respond: Which grandma names would you choose for your baby?

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Updated June 09, 2009

So the term "grandma" name is not one that conjures up flattering images. You might picture an older woman with support hose rolled down and a sweater in various states of repair. But I challenge you to look in your baby name books and find a baby name fit for a grandma and a princess! They are out there and they are real gems. So if Ethel and Mona aren't your style, what is? Share Your Grandma Name

Sharing Grandma Love

My grandma's name is Diana so if I have a girl I will call her Olivia Rose Crist
—Guest Olivia

Grandma Name

I think my Grandma's name was quite beautiful though unusual--Genarah
—Guest Jeanette Bishop

Grandma Name

My grandmothers name is Evelyn Rose. Rose is a very popular middle name in my family, however, if I have a girl, her middle name will be Jean after my mom and me.
—Guest Guest Kelley

grandma name

Rosa, Perl, Mara, Musya, Eva, Raya, Bella, Liza, Polina
—Guest tatyana


My paternal grandmothers name, now to convince my husband.
—Guest LexiKermie

Granny names

Well, we have a Sybil Jane and an Edwin Terence so they are pretty old!! And this next baby will most likely be Eliza or Mary for a girl and John for a boy so I'm afraid we are terribly old fashioned when it comes to names.
—Guest mommyof6


Grandma SUSIE is my grandma name. I need more characters to post this so Hi.
—Guest hillo

my Granny's name is popular now

My Granny's name is in the top 20 names these days yet 20 yrs ago when I was having my daughter and my mother suggested I use it, I vetoed it immediately for being "too old sounding". The name is Ella.
—Guest Elaine

Share your grandma name

It would be nice if someone down the line would use my mother's name, Valeta. No grandchildren in the forseeable future, but maybe some day.
—Guest B L DeBushe

Grammy - Mimi

For years I have babysat for many children, and to avoid hurting their Grandmas feelings, many of them called me Mimi. When my own grandchildren came, I wanted to be called Grammy, but still hearing many of my other little ones calling me Mimi seemed confusing to them, so my own grandbabies now also call me Mimi, but know that I am their Grammy - maybe I should go with "Grammimi"!!

Given the grandmothers name

We gave our fourth child the maiden of his grandmothers. Thomas Girard. So really he has three last names. This was to honor the fact that there were no males to carry on the last names on either side.
—Guest Karen

Grandma names

Muriel, Shirley, Bea, Linda, Sheila, Jan, Magret, Edweina, Clair, Naomi...
—Guest muriel


This is my grandmother's name and although not "popular," it will be our daughter's name if we have a girl-perhaps Ella sometimes also. My grandmother helped raise me and is one of the most strongest, inspiring women I know. It would be an honor to pass down her name...and wisdom!
—Guest Alicia


My grandmother's name was Ramzah.. I think it is lovely.
—Guest Noha Mourad

Alah Virgina & Alice Marie

My father's mother's name is Alah Virgina and my mother mother's name is Alice Marie.
—Guest kimmie

Share Your Grandma Name

Which grandma names would you choose for your baby?

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