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Readers Respond: Movies to Avoid While Pregnant

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Updated November 13, 2010

Do you like to watch movies? Are there any movies that you would recommend pregnant women avoid? What movie makes your list and why?


My hubby hired it out when I was DUE with our first child and it had a baby on the cover so assumed I would enjoy it. It starts off with a women DYING in labour and her husband having to raise the baby on his own then falling in love with the nanny he hires as help .... not exactly what you want to be thinking about when your about to give birth, especially for the first time!! Good on Hubby for trying though :)
—Guest CMQLD

I Avoided Cooking Shows

Not movies, but television. I had problems with certain cooking smells coming from the kitchen. Especially grilled or fried foods. Oddly, even watching cooking shows where they showed cooking food could make me nauseous. Crazy, I know. The mind can be powerful. Even restaurant commercials could upset my tummy.

Anything on Hallmark...

I cried watching nearly anything on a made for TV movie. I just couldn't stand tear jerker movies.

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