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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

Pregnancy is the most likely reason for a late period. If you miss your period, amenorrhea, it could be due to stress, your body weight (under weight and over weight), illness and lots of other things. But what is the story? Have you ever had this happen? Did you take a pregnancy test? Did you get a false positive? How did you figure out that you weren't pregnant?

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Somewhat scared..

I have NEVER missed a period, not even after I had my baby two years ago. They have always been on time.. Its been 3 months now that I havent had a period and took 2 HPT's -both negative. I've been having safe sex (I know its not 100% safe..). I have no symptoms or weight gain or anything (actually lost weight recently).
—Guest BellasMommy

Confused and anxious

Hey My son is 15 months, and I am also over weight. I just started a diet a week ago tho. My period have ALWAYS been normal. But my last period was light and brown, and this month I'm 4 days late. I've taken 2 tests and both were neg. This is weird.
—Guest wills mom

Have missed 2 periods and not pregnant

I haven't got my periods for nearly 3 months now. I have had 3 urine tests - came out (negative) and 2 blood test - came out (negative) & 1 ultrasound (no embryo or foetus seen). All this time I was positive that I was pregnant, just had a feeling. But turned out I was wrong. Just before my Ultrasound, I had 4 bleedings within 1 week. Confused I still am. But, I am guessing in my case it might be because I am over weight or an hormonal thing going on due to giving birth to my baby 9 months ago. And I have gained a lot just before pregnancy and than after aswell. So if anyone has experienced thism, don't panic or get stressed out. The more you stress, the more late your period will arrive. I am still a bit lost on what is happening to my body though.. I am going back to my GP take more tests in case I am anaemic. There are many reasons for why a period can be missed. So, my advice is just go to your Dr. and take steps to figure out what be going on. There will always be an answer.
—Guest Mrs D.

Missed 9 straight periods, wasn't prego

I started having a lot of "pregnancy" symptoms last year. I wasn't cycling, I was gaining weight, I was tired a lot of the time, I had changes in my skin and hair. I went for test after test after test. The first thing we ruled out was pregnancy and hypothyroidism. After missing 9 straight cycles I finally got one which lasted about 6 weeks, and my doctor called this a "phantom pregnancy" or "false pregnancy". However, I missed my next 6 cycles after that. After doing some online research, I had him re-test my thyroid levels, and was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. After just 48 hours on synthetic thyroid replacement, my cycle began. All of my pregnancy-like symptoms have disappeared, and I am starting to lose all the weight I've gained. Don't let "You're not pregnant." be the end of your search. You could have something treatable causing your symptoms, and you could feel better before going a year and a half sick, like I did!
—Guest KranBerry

It has been a month since my last

It has been a 3 weeks since my last expected period . I have had symptoms on and off for weeks now. With the food cravings, stomach aches, tiredness, headaches. I have as long as I can remember been getting my periods regular and have had a regular flow. Lately I have been falling asleep at work (I work nights). My boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant. I currently still live with my parents. I am thinking I am pregnant but every test I have taken has been negative. I have not taken one in about a week though. Ever one I have taken has been negative.
—Guest guest possible mother

confused and anxious

I am 24 years old, over weight and I've just missed my period. Before I had my daughter 17 months ago my periods were always regular but not they're all over the place and now I've missed one all together...all tests come out negative!! Ugh so frustrated!
—Guest mommyescobar

Missed period

Ok I missed one month of my period and when it came it came for 17 day's and I still have it and it's not showing any signs of finishing all, I'm really really terrified. I don't know what to do.
—Guest Nance

Due on the 20th

Me and my partner are trying for a baby, I was due on my period on the 20th and still havent started, I've done HPT's 3 to be exact and all have cone back negative, starting to get worried now.
—Guest Guest

Aunt flo

I have missed my period for three months and was not pregnant, in any case. I just got my period back, about an hour ago. I am just wondering where it went for this three months and why. I have been very sick lately but my doctor has been very unsupportive or helpful simply saying it was most likely my diet and "we'll" see how it goes."
—Guest ...

Got a 3month

I have a 3 month old baby via c-section and am missing my period for two months I'm freaking out. Can Breastfeeding stop my period from coming as it is a form of contraceptive? (GUIDE COMMENT: If you are nursing exclusively, not bottles, no pacifiers, still nursing at night, no pumping, your periods haven't returned (not including postpartum bleeding) and your baby is less than 6 months breastfeeding can act as a contraceptive, assuming you've met those requirements.)
—Guest Sofia


I'm now two weeks late on my period but I've taken a few pregnancy test and they've all been negative. But I've got lots of symptoms: tender breast, headaches, always tired, hungry but can't finish food half the time, no period, sex drive increase, moods are everywhere etc!
—Guest Brittany

Where did my period go?

I wish I had kept count with and when my period start and end..I have not taken notice when I should come on my period and have been sexually active...I remember when my period ended, but not so much when it began. I am scared and a bit stressed. I am just now 20yrs. I am a college student, hard worker, and I have personal problems that I can't handle all at once. After today It will be a month since I've had a period.I've experienced some cramping as if I were about to see mother nature and none yet...I am engaged to be married and worried I won't fit my dress..I have already taken 3 HPT test and they are all negative. Thank God I have God, Great Friends and A Fiance that listens other wise I wouldn't be able to control the way I stress. Next step, I'm going in to get a blood test I have to know what is going on.
—Guest Confused

me too!

The doctor told me that my period was late due to a medication I am taking. I have not had one in two months and some days. I have always been normal. I have had no problems only when I was pregnant would I miss. I have had pregnancy tests and blood test. I have been gaining weight like crazy, eating more, moody, and breast are enlarged. So I don't know what is going on. I like not having my period but for some odd reason I feel like I should have it.
—Guest Confused

Don't know what to do.

When I was single, I would missed my periods 2- 5 months. Now I have a son, 3 years. Am experience missing periods and got 4 tests, which are always negative.
—Guest Yes

Scared sick

After having my Mirena IUD removed my periods returned , but were very light and brief, but they still always came on time. Because my periods are so light, which is not normal for me, my Dr ordered a test to be done following my next period. Well, just when I thought I was going to finally get this resolved, I never got my period and am not pregnant. So, I just have to hope that it comes next month, so I can have this test. Meanwhile I am losing sleep over this and am scared that sick that this will happen again!
—Guest Kristin
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