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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

Still Waiting

So I started on the 8th of last month so I'm about a week and a half late. I've taken two pregnancy tests and both came out negative. I sometimes feel a little sick in the mornings but I dont know if its just me making myself think it because I'm scared. In the past I've always been about 2 days late.. I guess thats just how my body works but never this late. Whats wrong?
—Guest Leigh

worried about illness

Since my IUD was removed almost a year ago my period has been very heavy, lasting a full week and always on time. Now, it's a week late. My husband had the big V and tested ok. Stress is a possibility but I'm still worrried about illness.
—Guest sue

22 Days Late

After I lost my virginity, I was 22 days late on my period. I was very nervous and naive about sex and pregnancy, and after taking a pregnancy test that came out negative I got my period that night. It must have been the stress about possibly being pregnant that prevent my period from coming at its normal time of the month.
—Guest Kt

What do I do?

Hi, I'm 19 years old my period is 7 days late . I have done two pregnancy tests both negative. After reading all these stories I can relate except for one thing...There is a bit of an age difference. I have never been this late in my entire life!!I have also never taken any form of birth control. If I'm not pregnant, what's wrong with me?
—Guest Getting Worried

Had a tubal 3 years ago

I had my tubes tied 3 years ago in conjunction with my c-section for my third child. I had no period at all for the 20 months I nursed her but pretty much as soon as she was completely weaned AF returned and has been showing up consistently between every 31 and 36 days. Except now. It's been 66 days since my last one and I took a test today which was negative. I'm so confused and a little panicky! What else could it be?
—Guest confused

late period

I am almost 2 weeks late and so I thought I was pregnant..I did 4 home test thats were negative..I had all the same signs as when I was pregnant on my son so I was sure I was....I had a blood test and it was also negative...I have never been late before and I can't think of any reason to be 2 weeks late..Is it possible that I could still be pregnant and get a negative blood test???
—Guest mesha

TTC with late period

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years now. We finally went to the fertility specialist last week the day I was supposed to start my period. He did an intrauterine ultrasound and saw that I was supposed to start my period soon. I know that I'm not pregnant because he would have seen it on the ultrasound. I'm starting to get stressed and I know that won't help. My insurance is changing at the end of next month and after that the new insurance will not cover fertility treatments. We were hoping to have two shots at the treatment but it looks like we might only get one shot. We're going to do an IUI treatment so I have to start my period so that I can start the medication and then we have to do a dye test and an x-ray to make sure my tubes are open. And then 12 or 13 days after I start my period they'll do the insemination. So I just hope I start soon. Here's to waiting impatiently.

I wish I knew...

I have always had my period on time, 28 days. Before and after having my first child. But today I'm a week late. I've taken one hpt and it was negative. I would love to be pregnant again. we weren't trying, but maybe it is just supposed to happen??? well in any case if it's not pregnancy I have no idea what's wrong with me. Who knows if there is something seriously wrong or not. I figure if I'm not pregnant and I don't have my period something has to be wrong? It's just odd. I've been extremely tired and way hungry, but am I just psyching myself out? Am I creating symptoms that aren't there? With my first child the hpt showed the day I missed my period, so if I'm pregnant why isn't it showing now... I'm so confused... Wish I had an answer to my own musings...
—Guest Aubrey

21 days late

I'm 22 days late for my period. I was on the implanon and never got a period so the doctor removed it and said I would start shortly after (22 days ago) and never did. Took 6 pregnancy tests the first one was positive (ept) and the others negitive (answer, equate, and the brand the doctor uses). I was told it was just a false positive but still no signs of starting. I have two children already and kinda feel how I did with them only with them I was sure without a doubt I was pregnant and I was- this time though I have some doubts. I'm just exhausted, massive headaches, sickened by food or the thought of food, and my stomach is starting to protrude in a round firm shape also been gaining weight the past few months only in belly area. Under no stress and only in my 20s. I have no clue whats going on and only can go to one doctor due to my medical coverage.
—Guest Laura


7 days late. Hemorrhoids. Nose bleeds. Negative test. Scared stiff...
—Guest Jayne

1 more day and i'll start getting late

So I'm getting some mild cramps, I don't know if I'm coming or going. But I'm nearly 40 days now! I wasn't so freaked out till I told my Boyfriend and he went and made me worry. Sure he want the kid (if I am pregnant) but he hasn't listern to how it would make me feel to have a kid now. I'm starting college soon so what happens to me then? He says he'd raise it on his own if that happen. But I don't want to bring a child into a world where his father wanted him and his mother was so sure. If I'm going to have a kid it's when me and my partner want to HAVE a family. His mother just died and it threw me off. I had all my signs then. . . the dreaded waiting game. Still mild cramps, but I wish I knew what going to happen
—Guest unsure

missed period

Well I thought I was going to get mine this month and hasn't come and I have a 28 day cycle. I've missed it by a month and 5 days. Do you think I'm pregnant?


Last month my period was pure old blood and only lasted for a day and a half, I thought maybe I would have my full period this month and wouldn't worry about it. It's been 35 days since my last period, I'm 7 days late. I haven't even had a speck of blood and no cramps like I normally would before my period starts. I don't understand. I haven't changed my eating or sleeping habits....
—Guest Brandy

Uh? new to me

Um, I am 43, with 3 kids, tubes tied after my last and am 35 days late. Never, ever missed before. Maybe peri? Wait and see but my sisters didn't go into peri until 50.
—Guest Heather


I'm not too sure what's going on with my body. I don't have any other signs to say I'm pregnant apart from the late period which should have happened a week ago. I think I've put some weight on which might be a reason. The only way to find out is to visit the doctor I suppose and maybe take the pregnancy test just to be sure.
—Guest Emily
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