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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

Never late.

Last year my cycle was 31 days long, now it is only 25. My cycle has been 25 days this whole year. I am now 5 days late with very faint cramping, off and on. I had similar cramping when I was pregnant 3 years ago. My breasts are sore but no where close to being as sore as they were then. I'm not sick at all, and everything seems to be otherwise normal. I've taken 2 hpts, both were negative. I've started working midnights this month but have always stayed up late anyway. I've still never been this late.
—Guest Wondering

Overdue in Oregon

I am ALWAYS exactly 28 days and am officially now 4 days late.....I have taken 4 tests (yes that's one every day!!!) ALL negative. I'm queasy, tired and very stressed! I have been under a lot of stress lately anyway that may have caused it, but the stress of being late is just causing MORE stress!!! I wonder if I should test again or just wait this out?
—Guest Amy in Oregon

46 days late, nothing but negatives

I've taken probably 10 tests total over the course of 2 months and each one of them has been negative. I've never been this late before, and when I was pregnant with my daughter, I took 4 tests and each came out positive right away. I'm currently unemployed and do not have health insurance so I'm not currently able to get a blood test. I highly doubt that I am pregnant, I don't feel like I am. But I have had my breasts hurt, they still hurt from time to time, my lower abdomen is very bloated, all my pants feel tight and I'm always tired. I don't know if I am pregnant or if all of the above is/are symptoms of something else. All I've been doing is waiting each month for my period to show up, but it never does....I'm just at a loss on what to do.
—Guest Erin

Period, where art thou period?

Offically a week late. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago at eight weeks and my period returned as normal for the last two months. What is wrong with me? I took a hpt four days ago and it was negative. I'll be taking another one in a couple a days, just to be sure. But I don't have health insurance. I'm not sure I can afford to go to the doctor. I had medicaid when I was prego. :(
—Guest SamiBee

late and negative

I have been off the pill for 2 months in hopes of getting pregnant with my husband. I have always had a very regular period-like it was almost down to the hour that I knew it was coming. Now I'm 5 days late. I've taken 3 HPTs and they have all been negative. I guess I have to wait a week and take another, but I wonder if it's the stress of suspense that's making it late...I hope not! We want a baby!
—Guest late

Late, but used protection!

I am five days, and this is the first time I have ever been late in 13 years. My husband and I use protection every time, so I don't know how I could be prego, but I am definitely freaking out!!! I started my third year of law school last week, and think stress could be a problem. Any suggestions?
—Guest scaredy cat


There is a condition called Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome that can cause you to have missed or irregular periods. Also, any Thyroid disease or Diabetes can cause this too. There are a few other medical conditions that can contribute to it as well. A Dr. can check you for these with a simple blood test. I myself am all messed up because I have PCOS and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I'm Pre-diabetic (as a result of having PCOS). When I was a teenager and in my early 20's I thought that I was prego whenever I missed a period only to find out in my late 20's that it was the result of a hereditary medical condition. If you have any family history of any of these medical conditions or other Autoimmune disorders, you should probably go to the Dr and be tested for them before you get all stressed out about being pregnant. It will save you a lot of worry.
—Guest Cris


My last period came on a week earlier than expected last month and now I've had a six week gap and no period! I am off to University nearly 50 miles away in 4 days time and am not sure if this could be the cause. But now I've just read about a condition where symptons include irregular periods (which I quite often have but never this bad) and acne (which I also have rather severely). Could it be I have a medical problem I never knew existed??? After all my boyfriend and I are so careful I can't see how I could have gotten pregnant.
—Guest Concerned british lass


The last period I had was 3 months ago. I took 3 Hpt's and health dept urine test and they were negative. Then I waited a month still no period. Took 2 more Hpt's and still negative. I started to bleed lightly for 5 days no where near like a period. Then a week later I took a blood pregnancy test and it came back negative. I still don't know whats wrong with me.
—Guest Danielle

what's goin on?

I am a 28 day gal..and I had a experience when I didn't get my period at all one month and got it the next month..but I missed my period on june..had a 2 day spotting in july and no period in august..what is going on..I am not stressed at all. I took a prego test in the begining of july and it was nego but than I spotted for 2 days and than nothing..so I am concerned maybe I am starting early menopause because I sam 30..but come on that early!!
—Guest nessa

Scared it could be ectopic

I have taken a ton of tests and all were negative. I am feeling cramping on one side of my pelvis, and then at other times the other side...not like my normal period cramps. It is really freaking me out! I am scared it could be ectopic.
—Guest 7 days late

6 weeks late- NEGATIVE

It has been 10 weeks since my last period and I have never been late besides from a pregnancy. I have had 3 urine tests and 3 home pregnancy tests all come back negative. I finally asked the doctor to do a blood test but I was told to wait two weeks. I do feel pregnant because of bloating and sore breast. BUT with my previous pregnancies I experienced EXTREME morning sickness. I have been nauseated but not nearly to that extreme. I also have kidney disease and it causes blood and protein in my urine. I am wondering if that can interfere with a urine pregnancy test?

really getting nervous

I'm 18 years old and am leaving for college in 2 weeks. I have been dating my boyfriend for the past three years and we have even talked about marriage, but we definately aren't ready for a family yet. I am 2 weeks late and have taken 3 home pregnancy tests that all came back negative. I don't have any of the normal pregnancy signs and have even had some slight cramping, but still no period. My boyfriend is hoping that I am pregnant but I can't handle a baby right now. I don't know what is going on with my body, but I want answers! I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for September 1st but that feels like it's forever away. HELP! I am so scared and am hoping that this is all due to stress about leaving for college soon.


Well I thought I was going to get mine this month and hasn't come and I have a 28 day cycle. I've missed it by a month and 5 days.
—Guest lucy


I haven't had a period in a month and I have been to the doctor (ultrasound, blood preg test, and urine test and they all were NEGATIVE). I have the nausea & vomiting, fatigue, sore breast as if I am, but I'm not pregnant. My guy and I are a nervous wreck because of this...
—Guest keya
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