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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

5 day's late

I am 34yrs old and have always been regular. Yes we have been trying for our last pregnancy and we have never had trouble falling pregnant before (we have 4, twins all girls) I did have the rod, Implanon, inserted after the twins in 2000 and had it taken out about 10 months ago. Maybe that is the reason why I am starting to have irregular period now? I have done a pregnancy test today (being 5 days late) and it was negative. I will wait till the end of the week before seeking medical advice. It is strange when you are so used to your body working like clock work and then all of a sudden, without no stress or new routines...

34 days late and counting

I am now 34 days late and showing no signs of coming on... I can't be pregnant but I'm getting a little concerned. I think it is because I started a new muscle strengthening program at the gym 5 days a week... Is it something I should worry about? I'm loving the results I'm seeing on my body but I don't want to mess up my hormones.

I'm baffled.

I was 2 months and 3 weeks late had lots of cramps, being sick tired in the evening, sore nipples - the whole works but negative HPT tests and negative blood tests. I came on for 2 days really heavy and really painful and then it stopped! I had a scan and the doctors think its polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). So all I can say is, if in doubt see your doctor.
—Guest cassie

10 days late!

Okay, today would have been the tenth day I was late on my period. I was stressing the whole time thinking am I pregnant? On the 8th day I took a pregnancy test and it came through negative. I was still unsure so I booked a doctor's appointment but there was no need to go because I came on my period. So if you are late don't stress too much, because stress can worsen your situation and delay your period for longer. My cycle is always 28 days, so to have an irregular period did stress me out you just need to be calm.
—Guest Olivia

2 weeks late and negative

My cycle has always been normal and I never missed a period. The whole month of March I was worried that this time, I might be pregnant. I was 2 weeks late and took a hpt and it came out negative, I finally calmed down and just like that my period came. I didn't know how much stress could affect my period.
—Guest guest see

I am now worried I am pregnant?

I am worried I am pregnant this is my 15th off my missed period and now all I can do is wondering if I am so want to be I am 25 years old I only want one and this will be my first hope I am!
—Guest me me

Overweight causing periods to skip

I had for about a year where my periods would skip. I was not sick, but was overweight for my body. I realized if I wanted my periods to come each month was to actually eat a little less around the time my period would show and/or exercise. Have some yogurt and walk around the mall for several hours... make sure you bring a maxi pad with you!
—Guest Alice

About 20 days overdue for period!

Me an my partner have been trying for a baby for 2 months and my last period is 20 days late, so I thought I might be pregnant but all my tests are coming back negative. I don't know whats going on.
—Guest Lish

Late nights, early mornings

I'm a few days late and hoping it's due to the the new work/school schedule? I only sleep 5 hour max Tuesday-Friday and only a few more otherwise Graveyard bakers shift + School is not a good combo? 3weeks till graduation so stress could be a huge factor. any way to get my period to start? I took a test and it was negative, and I have all the symptoms of a period just no flow.

Irregular... again!

I had a daughter in April of 08 and at six weeks I went on the Depo Provera birth control shot. The first shot I got I bled for 48 days straight. My doctor said that the bleeding would go away with the second shot. The second shot caused me to bleed constantly until the third shot in which I decided not to get a fourth. I went on birth control pills and they caused me to spot. I tried a different pill that caused me to spot too. I stopped over a month ago. I had a regular period immediately and now its been 32 days since it ended. I've taken two tests that came out negative so are they false or is it from stopping birth control. From bleeding all the time, and during the few months in between birth control having two periods a month, 32 days seems like an eternity of dryness. I also checked and my cervix is only about 2" in. I've had problems since my daughter was born.
—Guest _sick-of-this


As far as I can tell, it's normal for young girls to have irregular periods even if they're usual very scheduled or even on the pill. I'm 25 and had a tumor removed from my ovary six months ago. Been on the pill for four months and just randomly misses a period. Hpt came up negative. In my case, I may have a cyst issue to blame and I intend to get my doctors opinion.
—Guest Late

Two months late

My husband and I have been trying for our second baby since August '09. Had a period at end of October and then nothing through November. Tried 7 or 8 tests, all negative. Finally got next menstrual cycle just before Christmas. Phoned to get in with Dr. but can't get in until Feb 1st!! Was sad to have a period because it meant no baby, but at least we can start trying again since we took November off, waiting to see what was happening! Hope to get some answers as to why the missed cycle. Am RH- and there were some issues with that with my first delivery so am worried that it is somehow playing a role in these issues...
—Guest canadian_girl

Menopause or Pregnancy

I'm 47 years old. Eversince I've not experienced any delay. I am confused. Am I pregnant or leading to menopause?

Stressed and late period

I am now a week and a half late. I have been a little late. Since I went off birth control. It was messing with my hormones. I am under tons of stress and assume that stress is to blame for my lateness.

Extra Short Period

I've been trying to actively get pregnant for only about three months so far, but I have a strange two-day light thin "period," and it came on time. My periods are always regular and on time, lasting 5 to 7 days with a normal flow. Took a test, was negative, but I'll look and see if my period comes this month before I take another test.
—Guest RM
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