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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011


I am nine days late and I am hoping that I am pregnant. My husband and I have been together for four years without any use of contraceptives. I've been late before and it turned out to be nothing. I still haven't take the test yet waiting another week before I do. It's probably silly to but I so don't want to get my period I'm giving it time to show up before I do take the test.
—Guest Hopeful

So close_yet so far away!

My and my husband of 4 years been trying to conceive. It's been a long journey. My period is a whole month late, accompanied by some other symptoms. But I'm so afraid to take the test in fear of disappointment. And then again I'm wondering is my cycle changing again or is it something else.
—Guest Tired

Three weeks late

I am three weeks late with period. On the date I was supposed to have my period I have a small amount of bloody discharge. Nothing else. 2 negative HPT tests. I am worried.
—Guest Love

Still waiting...but I'm not pregnant.

I'm late now by almost a week. There is no chance of pregnancy, but I'm still concerned. I have read that stress, illness (whether short or long-term), and change in medications can affect your period. And when I look at the facts, I have been extremely stressed lately, I was diagnosed with a minor case of pneumonia a few weeks ago, and was on very strong antibiotics for 10 days. And worrying about this being late thing is only stressing me out even more, which may be prolonging the problem. If you were reading these responses to get answers on the subject just like I am, just know you are not alone. Try to relax and be calm, and if you are still not sure, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. As for me, I'm going to give it a few more days; and, if I still get nothing, I have an appointment to make. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this page. I can get a good night's sleep.
—Guest Lissie


I had cramps for a couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant. I was waiting and waiting and wondering why I had cramps and no period! Pregnancy can cause cramping too! Also, I am extremely regular. Even after birth control I went back immediately to my 32-34 day cycle. Recently, however, due to economic strain, I had been eating lentil soup (very cheap!) almost every day. At 48 days, I had no period. I really thought I was pregnant, but the tests came out negative. It turns out that lentils contain phytoestrogens, as does soy, and it was confusing my body. I stopped the soup and 2 days later I got my period. Just something to think about!
—Guest Becca

Late period

A couple of ago my period was late do to low iron.
—Guest lorita davis

30 days late and not pregnant

I normally get my period every 5 weeks on a Thursday. But I recently changed jobs and started working nights. When I realized my period was late I took 3 pregnancy test all coming back negative and also went to a health clinic for a test. They told me that because of my schedule change that could be the reason why my period is late.
—Guest Angie

Finally got it

I hope you all have gotten your answers by now... I went for 8 months without a period. Negative HPT and blood tests for the first couple months. Then the doctors thought it was my thyroid, turns out it wasn't. Then they kept doing pap after pap and nothing was wrong. Finally this month I got it, and I told my doc right away that I was not going to be needing induced menstruation (which was their next step). I think worrying and stressing about not having a period caused me to not have it for even longer than normal. So for all you gals out there, just be patient, relax, and enjoy not having a monthly visit especially if you get negative HPT's.
—Guest Crissandra

Not pregnant!

I am not pregnant. 100% not pregnant but I think I'm going on month 2. I don't keep track like some people so it's hard to tell. I should really go to the doctor because I've been having stomach pains for about a year, maybe longer now, varying from debilitating to mild.
—Guest eek

It Finally Came

After three negatives, I calmed down. Just like that and my period came. Stress could be a very big factor for delayed periods because prior to that I was on a project where I could say I was never been so stressed in my entire life. My advice to other women who is experiencing the same thing I have, just calm down - that's the best help you can give to yourself.
—Guest Jin

Am I really?

I'm always irregular, my period always comes more than a week late so I'm not surprised if it doesn't come on time the next month. But I'm already two weeks late now and my test pack showed 3 times negative (I used different brands just to be certain). I'm not sexually active but on the week I expected my period, I had intercourse thinking that since my due is coming I'm safe. I'm so bothered now and so afraid to go to the doctor.
—Guest Jin

3 weeks late

I'm 21 years old, 3 weeks late and counting and I always have a normal period and honestly I'm not stressed at all, even the possibility of being pregnant isn't stressing me out which is the ony thing that has made me late before. But I've taken 2 HPT and both came out negative.
—Guest Adriana

Ill and underweight

I missed a period when I was 19 due to a flare up of Crohns disease, subsequent surgery and only weighing 8 stone.
—Guest soph

Not sure...

I am late for my period by a week, I am on Clomid and took a test and it was negative and I can't take my next round of Clomid til i get my period, I guess the next thing to do is make a doctors apt. and then see what he says. I hate waiting.
—Guest Nik


My period comes between 28 and 35 days. Today makes it the 40th day still I have not seen it. This is my first time of experiencing such. I have done an HPT once and it was negative. Me and my boyfriend don't need pregnancy now. I have seen my menstrual signs which come and go from time to time.
—Guest Vivian
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