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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

Sure hope not..

I'm 21 and I am about 2-3 weeks late. I actually had the same problem last month, too (well actually 2 months ago you'd say). Exactly 3 weeks late, but I find it odd that its happening again?? I feel the cramping like I'm going to start but each day comes and goes without it. I recently had the strength of my medication increased, which have also amplified the side effects of appetite and sleep loss, and I've been pretty stressed out about money, job, personal life etc. I took a HPT about a week ago and it came back negative so I dont know whats going on, but i wish I'd just get it already to ease my mind. I'll probably take a second test before going to the doctor. But thanks ladies, these comments really helped.
—Guest stressing out

17 days late

My period was late and all the pregnancy tests were negative. I have a few signs of pregnancy such as headaches, lower back pain, of course the missed period and strange cravings. Went to the docs office today did a pregnancy test there and still came back neg. The doc drew blood and sent it to the lab. Said it could be my hormones and she wanted to check into it. I don't know what's going on. My period has never been more than a few days late and there were definitely reasons those times. I wouldn't mind being pregnant but I'm just curious as to why I haven't come on yet if I'm not prego. The signs could be all in my head but who knows.
—Guest forestville, MD


I had an abortion 5 months ago and my periods used to come normally but now is like 5 days late.
—Guest lisa

skipped a period. Still waiting for it.

I'm 19. I was supposed to get my period over a month ago. I'm still waiting for my period to show up. I am not pregnant since, I'm still a virgin. People tell me that the slowness may be because of stress, over/underweight (new weight), new exercises, new medication, etc. But I haven't changed my lifestyle. First time it goes for 30 days late.
—Guest Sharing

It's all about stress

I was on a generic birth control that messed up my cycle. Well I started on yaz, but I hadn't had a real period in over a month and was having sex without a condom, and I was worried that the generic pills didn't work and I'd get pregnant during the last few pills. Well the morning after the day I was supposed to feet my period on yaz, I woke up and had weird pregnancy dreams and then found this site. I finally fell back asleep and woke up with a period! So don't worry.
—Guest LindseyDolly

One week late

I'm 19 years old and one week late (I keep track via a digital calendar). I have had a few PMS symptoms- bad cramps, bad skin etc but no sign of Ms Flow. I fooled around with a guy but no sex- however I do have some (irrational) fears about some possible point of contact with sperm etc. I have been on a 1200 calories a day diet for 2 weeks midmonth, and gave it up 2 weeks ago thinking my cravings were PMS related and giving in. I'm exercising more than normal but not excessively. I'm not particularly stressed. I haven't taken a pregnancy test as I'm fairly sure I'm just psyching myself out but I am getting scared. I'm usually 28 days on the dot with my biggest irregularity being a cycle of 31 days. I'm thinking it's probably fate having a laugh (I'm going on holiday tomorrow so I expect it will turn up to piss me off). As much as I'm trying to see light of it though it's worrying me. One of my cramps was really severe- I had to go home early from work, thinking I was going to collapse. Period, where art thou?!
—Guest Scared but Calm

Too Long

I have no idea why but it's been 5 months since my last cycle. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests - all negative, last one I took was a week ago. I stopped my birth control in Feb. and that is when it stopped. I have no idea whats going on.
—Guest mha


I have not had my period for about 2 months, I asked my doctor if I could be going through menopause and he said it was too early, I am 44 years old and wondering.
—Guest Teena.pineo

Help !

I'm four days late and my period is usually normal. I'm 18 and sexually active with my boy friend and we ALWAYS use and check the condoms. I took a hpt and it was negative, could it just be me stressing over being pregnant? I hope so.

It's really strange...

I almost had sex with my boyfriend but it was a huge fail, this was two months ago but last month I had my period a few days late and I was in so much pain I couldn't move, and this month I haven't gotten my period at all, I don't know what's wrong.
—Guest Lady bell

Not again

I have had this issue twice before and this is the third time. I was six day late a couple months ago then my period was normal. I took pregnancy tests and they were negative. I am not particularly stressed out I do have a lot going on getting ready for a big move and leaving my current job. I am bloated and cramping and am currently 4 days late. I don't think I'm pregnant I had intercourse once and used protection, and the condom didn't break. The only thing that is worrying me is hoping nothing is wrong I loose my health insurance in two days. I'm glad that I ran across this forum it really helps me to feel better about things. I hope my period comes soon.
—Guest Tasha

13 years of craziness!

I have always had irregular periods, but after my daughter was born 13 years ago, it became crazy. At first I would only have a period 3-4 times a year, then it got down to twice a year, then only once. Now, it has been almost 2 years since I had my period. Early on my doctor did some tests and there was no serious problems. Her said that because I had never lost the weight I gain during the pregnancy that this was the cause of my irregular periods. Whenever I try to diet, and loose a few pounds, I'll immediately start my menstrual cycle, so this seems to support the doctors theory. It makes it hard to predict, and practically impossible to get pregnant again, but I have learned to live with it.
—Guest jen

Definitely not pregnant

I'm 10 days late so far, and definitely not pregnant as no sex this year! I'm usually pretty regular and I definitely know my cycle as I have to keep a temperature chart in order to use fertility method of contraception (can't use pills etc). I am stressed, but no more than the last few months. We'll see what happens.
—Guest temperature chart

5 weeks late

I've missed my periods twice now, and am really worried. Have done 2 negative pregnancy tests but still worries i could be pregnant. At first I thought it was because i had changed times zones from south to north hemisphere, and also a bit stressed about the move. Becca's comment on lentils and soya is interesting though - the last 2 months I have been drinking soya instead of milk, maybe its because of this. Going to buy some cows milk tomorrow, and cross my fingers!
—Guest Guest poppy

Two weeks and still waiting

I have had regular periods pretty much the whole time, and now all of a sudden, I'm getting cramps. Pregnancy isn't possible, since its been almost a year since I had sex. I'm only 19, so I'm kinda freaking out here.
—Guest Freak Out
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