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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

1 Month

I feel your pain! I am currently one month over due my period. Again like many others, I have the symptoms, back pain, mood swings, hot flushes, wanting to hibernate etc. I've had all of this for the past month but nothing to show for it. On the third week I took a HPT just to be safe, which was negative (phew!). I have recently been exercising 4-6 days a week and am currently planning my wedding. At the moment I am putting it down to stress-even though I don't feel very stressed, and change of routine. Overall I think the human body is extremely complex and it doesn't take much to upset the 'balance' so I am going to relax and let nature take its course. Thank you to everyone for their comments, it's nice to know we're not alone.
—Guest Breathe


Yes...my Mom passed away a month and a half ago, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer 5 weeks before she died. My whole family was at the hospital non-stop. My period was normal and on time during her illness and just after she died but now it's late. I'm freaked. Could it just be a latent reaction to the stress I've been through or am I pregnant. Worst of all I don't have my Mom to ask... :(
—Guest Worried

So relieved to not be alone in this!

My period usually comes every 4-5 weeks; no more, no less. Since a couple of weeks ago, my boobs have been sore each day, & I've had awful stomach pains, & I was so sure I was going to come on 4 weeks to the day. But now it's been almost 6 weeks, & still hasn't arrived. There's no chance of being pregnant, so I'm just mildly confused & in pain.
—Guest Jellybean

Skipped a whole month?!

I had a normal period, skipped a month. I had a negative pregnancy test when my period was due in the middle. The just resumed it as normal the next month.
—Guest CourtneyLynn

62 days and counting...

I have had blood test and 7 pregnancy tests, all come back negative. It has been 62 days since my last period.
—Guest loopy lou

6 days late

Not pregnant, haven't had sex. I think it was due to the stress of travel. I visited 2 countries, crossed a time zone. Also, I am in early 40s so I'm wondering if I've started menopause this early.
—Guest Allison

I pray...

A few days late on my period.. Never been late. I'm worried about being pregnant since I'm only 17. I am sexually active with my boyfriend. We always use a condom but there's still a chance I can get pregnant. I'm hoping that the reason is because I am just stressing out. I'm gonna take a pregnancy test soon and I just PRAY to GOD that it comes out negative. These comments have eased my stress!
—Guest Valeria

Its a first

I'm a bit confused. I'm on the coil and usually I'm on in 22 days. I'm about four days late which is unusual for me. I took a test it negative. I'm 44 yrs old and wondering if it is menopause or is it cause I suffer with anxiety due to a under active thyroid gland.
—Guest dawn

Hope I get it soon.

I'm a virgin, so I can't be pregnant. I imagine it's stress and heat since I haven't been sleeping well and I recently been having medical issues which have given me new medication, but I'm two weeks late and I want to have it before I go in for surgery in a week. The last thing I need is to be bleeding on the operating table.
—Guest Morina

Thank You

I just wanted to say than you to all of your stories. My period is a little less than two weeks overdue, and I had been freaking out too. Like the rest of you I had a negative pregnancy test, and when I looked online all I could find were baby sites with women who had false negatives. That really freaked me out. Knowing there are a lot of other women in this situation is really reassuring. I'm sure I will be able to sleep tonight, and I'm sure once I relax I will get it, I am sexually active, so I was afraid of pregnancy (at this point in my life, more like petrified) but we have been 100% safe, and it is long distance so I don't see my boyfriend often anyway. Thank you all again!
—Guest Late

6 days late

I'm currently 6 days late took a pregnancy test and came out negative so that makes me feel better I really don't want to be pregnant not @ the moment @ least. I'm always on time with my period which makes me nervous I missed my period a month about a year ago but ended up coming. The 2 of the next month hope that happened because I'm going on vacation on the 30-1 and booked it @ the end of the month because I thought I was gonna have my period before so now I don't know what to do I'm a take a few more pregnancy test to make sure

Don't Worry! 10 days late

I was super scared because I am getting married and have to switch insurance. If I get pregnant before the switch I cannot be covered. Plus I am on strong long term medications that would effect the baby so this was a huge deal to me. I am NEVER late....but this time I was 10 days. I took 3 tests both negative but still worried. I think it was the stress so my best advice is to stay calm, take a couple tests, chances are if it is negative you are OK.
—Guest Ren

30 days late 3 negative tests.......

I'm so confused with whatever is going on. My first day of my last period was almost 60 days ago and I have had absolutely no change in lifestyle and am confused. I feel nauseous everyday between 11a-1p and today felt these muscle spasms internally around my belly button. My doctor has no idea why I'm going through this. And he took a few blood samples. I am so nervous but really hoping I am pregnant because my husband and I have been trying for a year.
—Guest tiaramamalina


I was really stressing out for about the past to weeks, after having being nearly 2 months late for my period. At first its nice to be free from it but I kept getting all the symptoms like cramps tiredness mood swings but nothing came! I read though heaps of stories here which seemed to calm me down. I think I can put it down to stress and weight gain (moving back home from university and worrying about exam results). I decided to try to relax - ate some iron rice food and settled down my my favourite tv show and low and behold my panic was over. Complete with white knickers. Thanks mother nature!!
—Guest Mariana

No period

I took the Emergency Contraception pill two months ago and the next month had two periods. This month I have not gotten my period. I want to get pregnant.
—Guest scared
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