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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

Missed periods

I have missed my periods by 6 days now I have taken a pregnancy test twice it came negative.
—Guest shina

waiting, waiting and waiting!!

I am 36 years old and have 4 children. I am 1 week late for my period. My friend at work is on my same schedule and she just took a test and is pregnant. The problem? I had my tubes cut and tied after my 3rd child and 3 years later I missed a period and was told I was not pregnant although test was neg, blood work was a mess. 4 months later and no period in sight I found out I was 4 1/2 months pregnant via ultrasound because I felt a "lump" in my lower stomach! (I now never trust a test, blood work or internal exam!!) My husband got a vasectomy after the 4th and all has been good for 4 years now. The good..I recently have lost 30 pounds and working out 3-4 X/week. Gonna blame it on that for now. I plan to take a test in a few days if its not here by then..patiently waiting, waiting and waiting............
—Guest LouLou

please help!

I had protected sex about 3 months ago and I got my period a week later. Then the next month came and I didn’t get my period, only light spotting. The next month I didn’t get my period again and it was the same light spotting. The last few days I’ve been feeling sick. My breasts are sore and by stomach hurts really bad. Could I be pregnant? My period is due next week but I’ve been so stressed with school and a job, all I’ve been thinking about is if I could be pregnant. Is it possible that I think too much about it and my body starts to think that I really am pregnant?
—Guest Stressed!!!

Period a week late

I'm 25 years old and have had my periods since I was 10. I have a longer cycle typically 30-35 days, it has gone to a max of 40 days once before but I have never missed a period in 15 yrs. My last period came after 37 days and its now 43 days and I still don't have my period. HPT's are negative, blood tests are negative for pregnancy, I'm not stressed at all, eating better than I have ever before, exercising moderately and have lost 1 kg in maybe 6 weeks. At around 37 days I had all the symptoms of a period: cramps, breast tenderness, tiredness, etc. Now a bunch of those are gone just some mild cramping randomly and a little tiredness. Why would I miss a period? Considering its never happened to me before in 15 years! So worried.

7 days late

Went to the ER cause I had abdominal and back pain and the pain went away when I was there and all the tests came back normal. He didn't say I was pregnant. The following morning I had abdominal and back pain again so I'm a little freaked. I'm 45 and have been stressed out on various things and not sure if I'm starting menopause. I never missed my period until now. My boyfriend always uses condoms.

Worried I might be pregnant..

I lost my virginity about 2 or 3 weeks ago and my period was supposed to come the 23rd and it is now the 29th. My breasts are sore and I've been craving chocolate which is what I usually crave during my period but I could definitely see myself craving chocolate also while pregnant. Anyways, I am taking a pregnancy test tomorrow and am very worried. Although the only other reason for my late period other than pregnancy is stress which would also definitely make sense so let's hope it was the stress!
—Guest worried teen

Chill-out ladies!!!

Our reproductive organs are not mechanical parts of a finely tuned machine just like our skin or hair can't be perfect everyday so can our womanly parts, what I find alarming is how many of you don't seem to be taking any precautions yet are all sexually active yet say you are relieved to get a negative pregnancy test, maybe if you were taking precautions you's wouldn't be such "stressed guests!!"... Please don't take this personally or as an attack its just something to think about girls!! My periods are ONLY 1 week late and I know I'm not pregnant without having to test myself I'm also confident my periods will return when they are good and ready to...
—Guest Confidently not pregnant and relaxed

Another "thank you" to you!

This article is really informative. My periods are so irregular but I never feel pregnant. I'm like 7 weeks late but I'm also on a new medication, got sick, and got a new job!
—Guest Alexandra


I am about a week late. took pregnancy test today a very clear negative. I think I am just too stressed out! I just moved away from home. I'm only 17 and it is a big change for me! I am just so happy that the test was negative. When I read these last night they made me feel a lot better to know that I am not the only one out there confused and worried and stressed out to my limits!
—Guest Guest To Stressed!

Period late or never came

Just wanted to say I had the same experience was 3 weeks late now a month and just got diagnosed with DIABETES. So everyone please get Dr. to check your blood for other possible explanations. I'm now trying to get my body back to normal!
—Guest manevers

Missed period

Hi, As you can see I also have this problem. I don't think I am pregnant. The last time I had sex was last month and 4 days later I had my period for that month. Which it was suppose to started. But so far for this month - Nothing I have a lower backache like always and I haven't taken a HPT yet. But I will. I am 42 and have a 24 year old daughter. I don't want anymore kids. I am hoping that this is stress related. In a way I hope that it is the start of "the change." Thanks for listening.
—Guest Susie


I'm a few days late but I can't be pregnant because I'm a virgin but I've just got back from Mexico and my body clock is messed up could this be my problem?
—Guest Confused worried

Late and stressed

I started my cycle at 11 and since it was pretty normal, every 28 days for 7 days. After I had my son now 4, my cycle was all over the place. I started menstruating a little every day. I was put on birth control which regulated my cycle within the first month. Now at 25, I wanted to try to have a baby so I went off the pill. Since then, there has been nothing. No spotting even at all. Numerous tests have all shown negative results so now I am very confused. I have never not had a period. The most I have been is 7 days late, but it has been months now. I am however relieved to know that I am not the only one out there in the same boat I am. Thanks to everyone who shared there comments. It really helped.:)
—Guest L

85 days late..

Should I be worried? I know I'm not pregnant, I haven't had sex since January, and I've had a couple periods since then (plus all the tests were negative). I haven't put on, or lost, any more then 5 pounds. I don't exercise any more then I have all my life, my eating habits haven't changed, I'm not stressed out, I haven't been traveling, and I'm only 18 (I have a boring life, clearly). Still waiting for mother nature to find me.
—Guest waylate

not pregnant?

I'm 2 weeks late and a negative blood test and HPT. I have all the symptoms so I don't get it. Why is it negative with a missed period, no stress, and all the symptoms? I'm so confused.
—Guest Shea
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