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Readers Respond: Have you had a missed period that was not due to pregnancy?

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Updated April 03, 2011

Same here!

I skipped my period last month, had it this month. All the tests say I'm not pregnant!
—Guest lashay

Changing Schedules

Every time I switch from night shift to day shift, my period always ends up being a few days late than it should be, and I feel off as far as PMS symptoms go. It usually rectifies itself by the next cycle.
—Guest Sarah

Missed period

I am 45 & I am not sexually active. I never have been & I'm not always regular but I'm 46 days late. Could I be starting menopause?
—Guest maddey65


To author of "15 days and counting": Guest Unexpected Guest: I am in the exact same situation! It has now been 37 days since my last period. I went off B/C about 5 months ago and my husband and I also just use the pull out method. I have taken 2 negative pregnancy tests, but continue to have very sore breasts, increased hunger, increased fatigue, etc. WHAT IS GOING ON?! A friend I know has PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and I'm scared I do too. My husband and I want children in a couple of years, but would really be thrilled with kids any time. I'm terrified I may be unable to get pregnant when the time comes.
—Guest Curious

What is wrong with me?!!!?

I've always been irregular since I got my first period. I just had it two months ago and I haven't got it since those two months. I'm trying to get pregnant, how will I know if i can't have one?
—Guest nana

What is up with my body?

I started my period when I was in the 6th grade, it has always been "normal" for me to skip a month. I tried to get on birth control to regulate my periods, but the Dr. told me due to my headaches that I couldn't be put on BC until I had a neurologist check my headaches out. I'm not sure what's wrong with my body... I've missed 3 months, and I know I'm not pregnant.. I've taken 6 test, and even went to the Dr. to make sure... I've never missed more than one month before.
—Guest Brooke Whitley

Roller coaster

I got an IUD about 3 years ago and it's always worked fantastic as a birth control method. In the past my periods have been semi-irregular, but nothing drastic. I'm about 16 days late for my period now. I took a pregnancy test at the beginning of the week, and another 2 today and they all came back negative. After some research I've found that the symptoms of early pregnancy and PMS are remarkably similar, and it becomes hard to decipher which you're having. I plan on waiting a few more days, since my birth control has always been reliable and the chances of pregnancy are less then 20 in 1000 over a ten year span. Just trying to breathe and relax and trust that it'll get here soon.
—Guest Just Breathe

15 days and counting...

I and 21 and have a 2 1/2 year old. I have been off the pill and have NOT been using protection since. He pulls out, but still, I am 15 days late. I took 3 HPT and they all came back negative. I even took a blood test, that was also negative. I have been gaining weight, eating different, moody, urinating a lot, belly pains, ALWAYS TIRED!!! But why am I like this and not pregnant, or am I and its not showing up yet??? HELP??
—Guest Unexpected guest

Missed period

I am 4 days late and my last period was 4 week ago I'm worried I might be pregnant but I'm really stressed out at work.
—Guest Kelly

I am confused

I was 4 - 5 weeks delayed. I've tried 3 pregnancy tests but got it all negative. Haven't gone to checkup yet. Just today I had bleeding. But it seems its not that heavy. I'm using napkin already and its not that continuous. Just every time I pee the blood also comes out. I'm so confused.
—Guest catelena

Missed my period? Can I be pregnant?

My hubby made love to me on last day of my period, unfortunately condom tore down and next morning I took an emergency contraceptive pill. Within a week my menstrual cycle started again (Lasted for 4 days). Since then it has been forty days and I haven't got my period again. I tried the Home pregnancy test (after 5 weeks) and result came out to be negative.
—Guest supriya ghosh

18 & 1 week late!

I've only really kept track of my last two cycles and they lasted around 20-22 days. If that follows I'm around a week late but last time I had sex was protected AND he pulled out, two days after my last period - way before ovulation. Since my last period I've been to America (I'm from England) and was mildly unwell while there. I've also been eating rubbish and slightly tense about Uni stuff. I'm too scared to take a pregnancy test though I know it's nearly impossible; can people please reassure me that I'm just late and to stop worrying??!
—Guest Liz

Continue to miss

I have been trying to conceive for 6 months came off pill had two normal periods after pill then missed two had really heavy one after that now late this month. Felt I may be pregnant after missing first two but tests were negative and doctors were treating me like I was too young to be trying for kids which I'm not. Had car accident in a few months ago which I feel brought on the heavy bleed. Been bit stressed but no more than usual so what can be going on? Test I did were HPT and home test with doctor after missing two they were going to send me for further tests as had bulky uterus but then cos I had bleed they didn't see the point in sending me. Should I push for further tests?
—Guest Kelly


I was 6-7 weeks delayed. I've tried 3 pregnancy tests but got it all negative. Haven't gone to checkup yet. Just today I had bleeding. But it seems its not that heavy. I'm using napkin already and its not that continuous. Just every time I pee the blood also comes out. I'm so confused.
—Guest j

one week late and counting

I am now one week late and counting. I was taking Ortho tri cylclin lo until last month. I developed a dark splotch on my face. My pharmacist said that it was a side effect of the estrogen in the pill, so at my next period, I quit taking it until I could schedule a doctor's appointment to find another medicine without that side effect. I was out of town for 2 weeks (in the car with my mother-in-law, so a bit stressful) then I returned home immediately to start school which meant major schedule change. In addition, in the short time between trip and school, I got really sick for one day. My husband and I had sex once, but used withdrawal method. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests that came back negative. I am wondering now if all the other circumstances have caused me to be late, and also wondering when to expect it to return. I am only 23, and want to have kids eventually, just wondering what now.
—Guest sweetchic108
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