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Reader Stories: Online Pregnancy Test Stories


Updated May 16, 2010

Here are some of the online pregnancy test stories that others have submitted. You can read about various types of pregnancy tests and how they worked for other moms. You can see how first morning urine works or doesn't, celebrate the positives (BPF) or boo at the negatives.

Despite Negative Pregnancy Tests, Taryn Knew She Was Pregnant

The pregnancy tests I bought were two First Response digital tests, then another one of cheaper value. I used the cheapest one first, it was negative. Then when my husband left I took one of the two …More

Faith that Pregnancy Would Happen

I had immediately a positive test with the first one. I do not remember the brand but it was a cheaper one, around $8.00 dls.These tests are readily available at pharmacies without prescription. Ther…More

Two Pregnancy Tests and a Different Country

It was one of those cheap pregnancy tests and a digital pregnancy test, a bit more expensive. The cheap one showed a weak line, but the digital showed it loud and clearly.The most beautiful thing you…More

Pregnancy Test: EPT

It was an E.p.t. It was highly recommended from friends and said it picked up the least amount of hormones in your urine. It was also more expensive, though now I know that doesn't mean anything. Nex…More

Our Big Fat Positive!

We used an Answer pregnancy test. It was about $12 for one test, $16-7 for two. I bought it at the drug store up the street. There were a lot of choices but eventually I settled on this one because o…More

Hard time reading the pregnancy test...

I used a 'Clear Blue' digital test. I read the instructions and was all ready to do the test but before I inserted the indicator stick into the reader I dropped the reader on the floor. I picked it u…More

Just where was my period?

I went in to see my new OB December 28th and he asked me about my period which I told him that I still haven't had it so they had me go ahead and pee in the cup and ran a test. Now before all this we…More

Three Different Test Days, Two Different Test Brands

I used the First Response Early Pregnancy Test. I bought them at the drug store up the street. I also used Dollar Store tests. The first was negative, and the other two days were positive. Both pregn…More

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