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Twin Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Share Your Story: Stories of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

By Serene Sue-Ng

Updated April 13, 2010

Twin Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Thank God for my two lovely boys.

My Current Pregnancy

I'm blessed to be a mother of my twin boys who are turning one this weekend!

My Pregnancy Loss

I was into my 8 weeks of pregnancy when I experienced slight bleeding. I rushed myself to the A & E. The medical officer did a scan for me and I knew something has gone wrong when more came to study the scan and discuss. After some time, the senior medical officer finally broke the news that they can't detect any heartbeat from the scan. I requested to go home and made an appointment to see my own gynae. That very evening, I experienced bad tummy ache and bleeding. I was devastated.

When I went to see my gynae 3 days later (as he was away), he confirmed the baby was gone and did an emergency evacuation.

Deciding to Get Pregnant Again

My husband and I decided to take a break of 6 months before trying again. After the miscarriage, my gynae mentioned that I'd low chance of conceiving again due to some fertility problems. So we went to travel and just enjoy each other's company. We committed everything to God and let Him decide when the next baby should come.

Thank God, about a year later, I got pregnant again and this time, I have twins! We have no family history of twins...we know for sure, it's God who has granted us both of them. As such, Seth is the name we give for the first born and Sean (God's gracious) for the second one.


  • Everything happens for a reason- don't blame yourself for the miscarriage. It's no one's fault.
  • Take time to heal the wounds. Many can tell you that it's okay, you can try again but it's alright to admit it's not okay. Cry if you need but move on.
  • Build up your health before trying for the next pregnancy.

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