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Baby After Blighted Ovum

Share Your Story: Stories of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

By Mel

Updated December 17, 2010

My Current Pregnancy

I delivered a healthy chubby-cheeked little girl about 3 months ago.

My Pregnancy Loss

My first pregnancy was completely normal, so I just never thought miscarriage was something that could happen to me. When we found out I was pregnant again, I just felt like something was wrong. We went in at 7 weeks and couldn't find anything but a yolk sac. It was confirmed to be a blighted ovum, and I had a D & C at 9 weeks.

Deciding to Get Pregnant Again

We knew even before the D & C that we would try again as soon as the doc gave us the go ahead. The D & C was in Sept 09, and we got pregnant again in Dec 09. The pregnancy was so much different than my first, because I was scared that something would happen to lose the baby again. I didn't start to relax until after the 12 week appt. We now have our little boy and little girl just like we always hoped we would!


  • Find a doctor that makes you feel at ease while also being very proactive in your care. It really helps make things easier after a loss if you feel comfortable with your doctor and how you are being looked after.
  • Try not to give up hope that things can work out. Sometimes there is a medical problem that causes multiple miscarriages, but a LOT of the time, women go on to have completely normal pregnancies after a loss.
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