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Complete Previa Resolved Before Birth

Share Your Story: Placenta Previa Stories

By Lindsey99

Updated April 20, 2011

How were you diagnosed with placenta previa?

Ultrasound confirmed COMPLETE placenta previa

When were you diagnosed with placenta previa?

12 weeks I was diagnosed with complete previa and told not to have intercourse or ANY sexual arousal, and not to lift anything heavy such as a heavy load of laundry or my 2 year old daughter. I started visualizing every chance I could my placenta moving up, I believed it would, and I told myself my body knew how to do this.

How did the end of your pregnancy and birth go?

By 35 weeks my placenta was in the clear, and I was allowed to have intercourse again. I had false labour at 36 weeks, so I was off work early to take it easy to hopefully make it closer to term. At almost 40 weeks I delivered naturally with no complications to a happy healthy baby. My water broke at 7am in the morning, and things progressed quickly. Only 10 minutes of pushing and we had our beautiful baby daughter by 2pm. I feel that I spent so much of my pregnancy worrying about all the complications that could have happened, and fearing complications during the delivery. None of the stressing was necessary because by the end of my pregnancy I didn't have placenta previa. I wish I would have spent that time stressing instead just enjoying my pregnancy and life and being grateful. I am proud of myself for visualizing and believing it would resolve itself because I personally do think that that's what helped my placenta move up. Had I believed that it wouldn't because of the statistics telling me so I really don't think it would have.


  • My OB said that it's a small chance complete previa resolves itself. Despite that I told myself my body knew how to make my placenta move up as my uterus grew, I BELIEVED it would, and I visualized it doing so every chance I got. It worked! I believe the body does what the mind believes. I would recommend counseling for couples who can't be intimate because my husband was supportive but hindsight we feel it strained other parts of our relationship. Hindsight I wish I wouldn't have stressed as much or read as much on the internet. Miracles happen everyday, so use your mind to tip the odds in your favour. Good luck!
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