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Reader Stories: How You Found Out About Your Twin Pregnancy


Updated February 22, 2011

Here are the stories from other families on how they found out that they were expecting twins and what they though about as it happened. Consider sharing your twin pregnancy story.

Alejandra Discovers Its Twins!

I was in disbelief..shocked because I didn't expect to get pregnant soo young and on top of that there was two little creatures inside of me!! But deep inside I was happy and scared It was just a who…More

She cried when she found out it was twins!

At first I was devastated but I think it was more shock than anything else. I cried for about 3hours afterwards and didn't stop shaking for hours after that. It took about a week to sink in but I cou…More

An Early Ultrasound to Confirm Pregnancy Says Twins!

I was excited. After getting blood work done, I was called the next morning and my doctor said my hormone levels were extremely high. They were concerned that I was farther along and hadn't been taki…More

Donna's Having Twins!

I cried and giggled and repeated Oh My God probably about 50 times while I was in the scanning room. For 2 days since I found out I have been in a state of shock. I feel excited then terrified one mo…More

Tia Finds Out It's Twins!

We were completely shocked! I cried and cried. We had one ultrasound at 7 weeks in which the ultrasound technician missed one of the babies. So we were happily unaware that there were two inside of m…More

Twin Surprise at 6 Weeks

No one ever told us we were having twins. We had gone for an ultrasound a week before to check for another ectopic pregnancy. They saw only one sac and one fetal pole, no heart rate. I saw a dark spo…More

Twins Discovered at 7 Weeks Via Ultrasound

We were shocked. Neither of us said much at all. Later we laughed and cried. It really took us awhile to get used to the idea. After a week or so we were ready to get real about it. But we just neede…More

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