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Bun in the Oven - Halloween Costume

Share Your Story: Halloween Costumes in Pregnancy

By pregnancy

Updated October 21, 2009

Bun in the Oven - Halloween Costume

Preparing the Costume

Bun in the Oven - Halloween Costume

The Finished Project - Bun in the Oven

What people thought

They loved it! They thought it was hilarious and were amazed by the work.

What I Did:

We made a pregnancy Halloween costume for less than $10 the night before the party!

How I Did It:

We only bought the the box and the apron. The box was $5. The apron was $3.

Other home supplies used were:

- small piece of poster board (I found somewhere in the house)

- black marker

- tape

- white paint and paintbrush (extra paint from one of the walls)

- knife (to cut...we actually used a kitchen knife)

- we printed out photos of buns that we stuck to my belly

- we used my reading night light to place inside the oven (David made the oven door open and close)

- oven knobs (stolen from my oven)

- foam to protect my shoulders (because the cardboard would be hard pressing into my shoulder...we found the foam in the garage somewhere)

- Food was made out out plastic tupperware covered in foil. We added food to the pot and pan to make it more realistic.

The biggest thing that helped was purchasing a wardrobe box at a local Budget Rental place. It was large and naturally folded where we wanted to make the body of the oven. We then cut a hole for my head - and for my arms. We had to add extra pieces of cardboard from other boxes (I had from costco) to ensure the frame was all covered and even throughout. After the framework was was done, we painted the box and let it sit overnight.

(David's job was to work on the framework...and my job was the details.)

So the next day I created the stove tops (made four black round circles and glued it on top) Then I made the food, wrote the timer, added the over knobs, the buns on the belly... :) On Halloween Day, I put my hair up, wore a black sports bra and black maternity pants.

For David's costume, he wore all black. We picked up a white apron from Ross for just $3. I wrote "the Bun Baker"...his hat was a bit of a worry, but I ended up measuring a poster board around his head, then cutting it and pasting a large front side of a chef's hat on his head. I thought it looked 'cartoon-like' and it worked! He also darkened his beard and mustache with my mascara.


  • I loved showing off my belly!
  • Have fun!

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