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Reader Stories: True Stories of Successful Births After Bleeding in Pregnancy


Updated September 22, 2010

If you're bleeding in pregnancy, you're probably worried. Here are some success stories from other moms who have had bleeding in their pregnancy but ultimately had successful births.

Cesarean 31 Years Ago for Placenta Previa

Had an instinct at beginning of pregnancy that something was wrong...even shared that with my husband. After the bleeding episodes, when I was at home or in hospital, I was stressed. I had a 4 year o…More

Rose Reassures About Bleeding in Pregnancy

I was petrified believed I was miscarrying I had ultrasound that confirmed my baby was fine and firmly attached to my uterus. It was such a relief to know blood doesn't always result in the loss of l…More

Bleeding at 10 Weeks Healthy but Early Baby

After a few days I felt relaxed that the bleeding had stopped that my pregnancy symptoms continued. I booked a scan in at 17 weeks in a private clinic and we found out we was having a boy. Baby Jack …More

I survived bedrest!

I never relaxed, I think I cried myself to sleep most days. I felt lonely and terrified. I prayed a lot, which helped. My husband was so supportive, but he could only do so much. I wish I could have …More

Scary Late Pregnancy Bleeding

m 27 years old I’ve never smoked and don’t drink, I’m not over weight and this was my first baby. I’ve had no traces of blood before this and the baby has always had a strong …More

Period While Pregnant - Bled Whole Pregnancy

I used to hear some of my friends telling me that they were having period while they were pregnant, at first when it happened to me I felt really scared but when I was bleeding I was not feeling any …More

10 Weeks of Bleeding, Baby fine!

Other than this one blip at the beginning everything was perfectly smooth. There was never anything abnormal on any test run the entire pregnancy. He was born at home with a midwife on his due date, …More

A Successful Pregnancy After 4 Weeks of Bleeding

After the bleeding stopped, I had a period of time where I was very worried. I was waiting for the bleeding to pick up again. It was like every week that went by I felt a bit more confident in my pre…More

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