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It happened so fast! | Birth Story

Share Your Story: Birth Stories

By Shelby.M09

Updated January 06, 2010

It happened so fast! | Birth Story

About 10 minutes after birth

It happened so fast! | Birth Story

2 minutes after birth

Length of labor (not pushing)

The doctors said about 4 hours but I think it was closer to 12

Length of pushing

25 minutes

Who was with me

My boyfriend, and my mom

What I would do differently next time

Absolutely nothing, it was perfect.

What I did to prepare for birth

I didn't really do anything to prepare. I had taken prenatal classes but everything happened so fast that I didn't even realize I was in labor until it was time to push. We were totally unprepared for his birth which was a month early! Luckily I had my baby shower three days prior so we had basically everything we needed.

How my birth happened

My water broke at 12:45AM Nov 18. We went to the hospital and because I was 35 1/2 weeks they ran an IV (antibiotic because my Strep B results were not back yet) and sent me home telling me to come back in the morning. When we returned the doctor said I probably wouldn't go into labor on my own so they were going to leave me on complete bed rest until Saturday and then they would induce me. So they stuck me in another room and left me there for the day. I was having "cramps" is what they called them so as they were getting worse I didn't really believe I was in labor. They had me convinced that I wouldn't go into labor on my own. But by 5:00PM the pain was getting so bad that I called the nurse in to give me pain medication. She said they would monitor me and see what was going on. I had to go pee and when I did I kinda felt like I had to push. I came out and told the nurse and next thing you know they are wheeling me to the labor and delivery room. They checked me and said I was 7 cm. They started to get the room ready for delivery but they didn't seem to be rushing. They decided to check me again and I was 10cm! They all started rushing around trying to get things together because none of the doctors were there and he was a preemie. They made me use the gas mask to keep me from pushing but it was really hard not to. I was wheeled into the room at 5:40. Ten minutes later I was pushing and Dominick was born at 6:14PM Nov 18. 5lbs 9oz. 18inches. He was in excellent condition.

Lessons learned

  • I learned to trust my instincts...don't always listen to the doctor.
  • have things ready at least a month prior!
  • It is possible to do it without pain medications.
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