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Reader Stories: Birth Stories


Updated October 21, 2009

Childbirth is such a miracle. And there are so many twists and turns, it's always a good story. Sit back and read birth stories of all types from vaginal births to c-sections, epidural to natural childbirth, twins to home births and more. After you've gone through your pregnancy consider adding your birth story!

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Hard Work But Worth It

At 4am on my due date I was having irregular pain that felt easier to deal with when I stood. Husband asks what was wrong, I say mild pain probably braxton hicks. I wont be the 5% which actually give…More

Should Have Delayed the Epidural

Came in hospital after my water broke with 1.5 cm. Asked immediately for Epidural and got it real fast. Side effects were very strong. Waiting on opening. After 3 hours it was only 5 cm. Got induced.…More

Fast Labor at Home in the Tub

My husband and I had two beautiful daughters, ages almost 2 and 3 1/2 when we decided to try for another baby in September of 2010. Our first two were conceived very easily and only took one month to…More

Cesarean After Induction

I had to be induced at 40 weeks and 3 days. I went to the hospital and got into the ldr 1 and just waited for everything to begin. I had no idea what it feel like considering it was my first child. T…More

Three Nearly Perfect Births

Everything was just too fast but in the end quite painful. In Brazil we are used to be given a subarachnoid anesthesia if the baby is about to be born, so I had it and I liked it, although I had itch…More

Evelyn's Stillbirth

I went into labor at 10p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2012. I got to the hospital around 6a.m on the 23. By 10:30 they hooked me up to Pitocin to get things going since they had checked on some lab wo…More

Becky's Emergency Cesarean for Cord Prolapse

My contractions began to come regularly so I decided just to be safe that I would go ahead and go to the hospital. I was dilated to 4cm when the contractions stopped. My doctor did not want to risk s…More

Kadibug's Induction with a Weird Epidural

I had been 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced for three weeks when I went in for my 39th week check up. My OB was amazed I was still pregnant and, when I told him I hadn't slept for the past two nights and…More

Nancy Used Meditation to Get Through Labor

I was induced at 1 o clock pm, at 1 cm dialted, soft cervix, and I was 39 weeks pregnant. I was able to dialate all the way by 5 pm, with no medications. My beautiful baby girl came out in 15 minutes…More

Mama Bear's Perfect Home Birth

Bub was due July 20th, 2011 but as the morning and early afternoon of the 19th ticked by I felt I could possibly be pregnant forever! Around 3 or 4 that afternoon, as I headed to my moms to pick up B…More

Worked Hard to Get VBAC

My OB supported my decision to vbac but we agreed we would do a c-cestion if I went past 42 weeks. Thankfully, I went into labour two days after my due date. Labour started with braxton hicks contrac…More

Melissa's Induction Went Very Well

At 39 weeks I went to my weekly doctor visit on 5/3/12 after being examined we found out I was 4 cm dilated, I was so surprised because I hadn't had any contractions at all. My doc gave me options wh…More

Adrianna's Natural Birth

It was Monday, 13 July and at 2.30am I woke up because I felt like nature was calling. I figured it was because I ate a tad too much durian earlier. Washing it down with milk probably wasn't a good i…More

Alys' Water Birth Story

It was a long, but rewarding birth. I had my midwife, Mary, who has also delivered my two other children, my husband, Rob, who is always there for me, and my doula, Michelle. In fact, because I thoug…More

Navin's Birth: Induction with Epidural

I went to hospital at 2am after watching Mankatha with neighbours and having my grandma's delicacy, Sullian. Before I went to hospital I had idiyappama and sambhar, as I know that once admitted, I du…More

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