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Reader Stories: Birth Stories


Updated October 21, 2009

Childbirth is such a miracle. And there are so many twists and turns, it's always a good story. Sit back and read birth stories of all types from vaginal births to c-sections, epidural to natural childbirth, twins to home births and more. After you've gone through your pregnancy consider adding your birth story!

Mama Bear's Perfect Home Birth

Bub was due July 20th, 2011 but as the morning and early afternoon of the 19th ticked by I felt I could possibly be pregnant forever! Around 3 or 4 that afternoon, as I headed to my moms to pick up B…More

Worked Hard to Get VBAC

My OB supported my decision to vbac but we agreed we would do a c-cestion if I went past 42 weeks. Thankfully, I went into labour two days after my due date. Labour started with braxton hicks contrac…More

Melissa's Induction Went Very Well

At 39 weeks I went to my weekly doctor visit on 5/3/12 after being examined we found out I was 4 cm dilated, I was so surprised because I hadn't had any contractions at all. My doc gave me options wh…More

Adrianna's Natural Birth

It was Monday, 13 July and at 2.30am I woke up because I felt like nature was calling. I figured it was because I ate a tad too much durian earlier. Washing it down with milk probably wasn't a good i…More

Alys' Water Birth Story

It was a long, but rewarding birth. I had my midwife, Mary, who has also delivered my two other children, my husband, Rob, who is always there for me, and my doula, Michelle. In fact, because I thoug…More

Navin's Birth: Induction with Epidural

I went to hospital at 2am after watching Mankatha with neighbours and having my grandma's delicacy, Sullian. Before I went to hospital I had idiyappama and sambhar, as I know that once admitted, I du…More

An Unplanned Pregnancy Turns Out Well

When we went to the hospital I was dilated to about 8 centimeters I was in a lot of pain it was very hard for me but I had a beautiful baby girl 7lbs and 9oz named Angie Mikaela Lagace and I had a na…More

Rebecca's General Anesthesia Cesarean Section

It all started with a catfish!DH brought home a cooler full of catfish. I was skinning them, when suddenly its barbed fin goes straight into my hand- the meaty bit between your thumb and first finger…More

Sage's Natural Birth

At 2:30am I awoke to the feeling of cramps in my abdomen and my back. I tried to go back to sleep, but I knew it was the early stages of labor and anxiety about it kept me from going back to sleep. I…More

C-section For Funky Position

First off I did not know I was preg. Until I was 5 months and 2 weeks. My water broke at 7a was not aware of what was happening ( 1st preg) no contractions so I did not end up going to the hospital u…More

Short Labor, Epidural

My water broke at 11:30 am on July 4th, went to the hospital by 12:30 and had my baby girl at 5:05. My birthing experience was amazing nothing like I'd imagined it and better than most people's. I wa…More

Noah's Natural Birth

On August 31st Noah was born!! On the 30th August at 12:39 a.m., my water suddenly broke. That's when things got very scary. I was at my grandma and grandpa's house with my husband for dinner, when I…More

38 Hour Labor - Mom has some advice...

I was due march 11th.. but was only dilated 1cm. I had an induce date of March 23rd..but Thursday, march 17th around 4am I started getting contractions, I had an OBGYN appt at 9am so I figured id jus…More

Anabelle's Natural Childbirth with a Doula

I woke up in the morning feeling dull pains in my back and a little pressure on my cervix. A few minutes later, I felt mild contractions and just went back to sleep. A few hours later, the contractio…More

Induction, Forceps, Eventual C-Section

I went into hospital at 8am on the Saturday (due date) and was given the prostagladin pessary to soften my cervix and start my contractions. 4 hours later after a lot of walking I started to get tumm…More

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