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Baby Bottle Game | Baby Shower Game

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By TheeBabyLady

Updated December 02, 2009

Baby Shower Game I Love

Hysterical to participate in, watch others, & actually hard to do! Babies put a lot of effort into sucking.

How to Play

Fill clean, matching baby bottles 1/2 full with water. Close with the ring & nipple. Check to make sure there is a hole in the nipple. Each person at the party gets a bottle. The first to finish gets a prize. It's funny to watch ladies who don't want to mess up their lipstick too!

You can also divide the rooms into teams (maybe 5 members on a team) & everyone on the team must finish for that team to win. To make it interesting, still have a prize for the overall single winner of who finishes first too.

Tips and Tricks

  • Wash all bottles, rings, & nipples.
  • Buy all of the same bottle style.
  • Fill bottles half full.
  • Have a prize for the first finisher.
  • Creating teams provides more cooperation.
  • Don't alter the nipple holes.
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