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Rubber Duck Cake Pops

Submit an Entry: Add Your Favorite Baby Shower Decoration

By Jen

Updated November 21, 2010

Rubber Duck Cake Pops

Rubber Duck Cake Pops

My Baby Shower Decoration

I made Rubber Ducky pops. They were great decorations and then we ate them!

How I Did It:

You bake a cake, and when it's cooled, you crumble it in a bowl and mix it up with a can of frosting. Then scoop it out of the bowl and shape into a ball. Place it on wax paper and freeze it for at least 15 minutes to help it all firm up.

Insert a stick in the bottom of the cake pop. Dip it in melted yellow candy chips and let it dry. I added a piece of candy to make the beak and used chocolate icing for the eyes.

Tips and Tricks

  • I used a piece of floral foam to hold them.
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