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Baby Shower Tree - Baby Shower Decoration

Submit an Entry: Add Your Favorite Baby Shower Decoration

By BabyGirl

Updated August 03, 2010

Baby Shower Tree - Baby Shower Decoration

My Baby Shower Decoration

This was fairly simple to make but really dramatic looking. You simply have a tree branch as the baby shower center piece and decorate it for the baby shower theme. You can hang small baby shower gifts, baby photos, like ultrasounds or baby shower guests baby photos (like a baby shower game), or whatever.

How I Did It:

You find a branch and paint it white, or whatever color you want to have it. You can save it and use it over and over for other events if you paint it white.

Before the baby shower, secure it to the table. I use a baby blanket to gather around the base to hide however you're holding it up. You can also use moss. I use clothes pins and attach things to it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Paint it well in advance otherwise it may not be dry.
  • Spray paint works well.
  • If you reuse the branch you may need to retouch it.
  • Use books or something large to secure it.
  • Get a branch that is large but not sure heavy.
  • Try to get it as flat as possible on the bottom.
  • If the branch won't hold heavier items up, use photos or small felt cut outs, even ribbons tied on.

What You'll Need




Paper or something to protect when painting

Clothes Pins

Baby Trinkets

Baby Booties

Baby Photos

Baby Blankets or Moss

Additional Information

This makes a great baby shower decoration.

Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, About.com Pregnancy & Childbirth, says:

This is adorable! This would also be a great way to "show off" your baby or baby's nursery. You could hang up ultrasound photos or even photos of the baby's nursery.

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