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Mother-in-Law Begged Us to Change the Baby's Name

Share Your Story: Baby Name Drama - Did you survive any baby name drama?

By Kevin

Updated October 25, 2010

Mother-in-Law Begged Us to Change the Baby's Name


The Baby's Name

Our baby's name is Isaac.

The Baby Name Drama

When we chose the name Isaac our son was just hours old. We thought that if we waited until he was born to name him that it would be easier for us to see his personality. I think we were right on that front.

My family was with us when we announced the name. They loved it. My wife's mother wasn't there but we called her. She hated the name and proceeded to tell us how much she hated it. She called us for days begging us to change it. It really stressed my wife out, and by extension me.

Eventually I had to tell her to stop bothering us about it. We had no intention of changing the name. She threatened to use another baby name for our son. (She didn't.) Now she doesn't talk about it and everything is fine, but man!


  • Let them meet the baby before announcing the name.
  • People get a chance to name their own kids - not yours.

Did you change the baby name?

No way!

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