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Reader Stories: Baby Name Drama - Did you survive any baby name drama?


Updated October 22, 2010

Baby name drama, by definition, is when your baby name creates drama. This could be someone steals a baby name from you, hates a baby name you've chosen, refuses to call your baby by the name you have chosen, etc. Here are some stories from readers who have lived through baby name drama and lived to tell.

We Changed the Name a Bit

When me and my boyfriend were discussing names for our baby girl I wanted Annie as I thought that it was really cute but he didn't like it and wanted Isabella but I thought that that was too posh. We…More

Chelsea Changed Her Daughter's Name

When my sister in law was pregnant with my niece she asked me what I would name my baby girl if I was pregnant. I said Eelayna-Rose and when my neice was born she was named Elayna.I was really annoye…More

A Sister Steals a Baby Name

Yes. My younger sister called me and asked what I would name my baby if I were pregnant and I said Alexander! She took the name and my nephew is now Alex, and we share the same birthday ---August 5th…More

The Baby Name That Almost Wasn't

My husband and I had each picked out names, I liked Quentin and he liked Logan. My concern was that Logan was a too common name. So we decided that as long as we didn't meet any other Logan's between…More

Changed Baby's Name!

When I was pregnant I decided that I wanted to name a baby a unisex name. That way we could name the baby before birth and call it by that name, but it wouldn't matter if the baby was a boy or a girl…More

Mother-in-Law Begged Us to Change the Baby's Name

When we chose the name Isaac our son was just hours old. We thought that if we waited until he was born to name him that it would be easier for us to see his personality. I think we were right on tha…More

A Good Baby Name is Worth the Wait! - Baby Name Drama

There were two dramas over the baby's name: 1) Choosing her name and 2) how long it took! It wound up taking us three weeks to finally settle on a baby name. We went back and forth over what name wou…More

Readers Respond: What advice do you have for baby naming and sharing the names?

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