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Wine Him, Dine Him to Announce Pregnancy

Share Your Story: Pregnancy Announcements

By Sarah

Updated November 07, 2012

Wine Him, Dine Him to Announce Pregnancy

Wine, Dine, and ... Surprise Him?!?

Who I told

My Husband

What I Did:

I took a pregnancy test thinking maybe it could be true, but almost all of me was not optimistic about it. And the test was expiring this month. When it came back positive, I ran out and bought another to make sure. And when that came back positive too, I started brainstorming the ways to tell my husband. So I wined, dined, and surprised him!

How people reacted

Well, after 2 1/2 years of (at times loosely) trying (he works restaurants at night), he was in complete shock that we are pregnant. We both are so excited

My husband was at work when I took the pregnancy test - and then another to make sure. He is a huge wine guy and sommelier,

pregnancy test - and then another to make sure. He is a huge wine guy and sommelier, and just last week he said he bought two bottles of wine that he can't wait to open and drink side-by-side. I went out and got a pink balloon, a blue balloon, and a 'B is for Baby' balloon. I tied the two colored balloons to each bottle of wine, respectively, and had a card that says, guess the tasting will have to wait 9 months! I also bought a pack of pink gum and a pack of blue and I put out other stuff too, like a baby blanket and Hershey's kisses.


  • I loved taking the test alone and being able to set up an amazing surprise for him. It made the day drag though, waiting for him to get home!

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