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Share Your Story: Pregnancy Announcements

By Nik

Updated February 06, 2011

Who I told

My husband

What I Did:

My husband and I had absolutely no clue that we were pregnant. When I started to suspect it, I took a test on my own. When it came out positive, I took two more just to confirm it.

I wiped the grin off my face long enough to tell my husband I needed to run to the grocery store. At the store, I purchased a package of newborn diapers and a "Congratulations" card. In the card, I told him what a wonderful daddy he'd be. I placed the items in his top dresser drawer. I then casually mentioned that I rearranged his clothing, and told him to go take a peek. I assured him that if he would like the new set-up!

How people reacted

My husband opened his top drawer and stared--confused--for a couple seconds. Then he jumped, looked at me, and exclaimed, "What?! You're--? Are you...?"

When I nodded and told him we'd probably be meeting our baby in October, he started tearing up. He hugged me for a long time, telling me it was the happiest surprise he's ever had.


  • This worked for me because I am constantly arranging and rearranging our clothes. Otherwise, I think he would have suspected something. Try to act as casually as you can!
  • Have the test handy--he'll want to see proof!
  • I had my camera in my back pocket for pictures. Document the moment!

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