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Reader Stories: Didn't Know I was Pregnant for a Long Time


Updated August 31, 2010

If you've seen the TV show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant then you've heard all the hype about women going nine months before they found out that they were pregnant, often in labor. Certainly there are women who go longer than 4, 5 or 6 weeks into pregnancy before they figure out that they are pregnant. Here are some stories to explain how someone can not know that they are pregnant.

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Jaylan's Unexpected Birth

My husband, mom, and mother in law were with me. I was a little embarrassed because I just had a baby boy previously he was nothing but one how could I be pregnant again that fast. I didn’t not…More

Jessica Had Her Period During Pregnancy

I went to the ER by myself on March 22. My reaction to this experience was in shock I was in shock for about 5hrs I could barely talk or even answer any questions the doctors were asking me my whole…More

Leslie's Baby Was Born on the Toilet

I was in pain for about a week or so and the pain was super bad I couldn’t take it anymore so I tried to sleep as best as I could but I could not sleep. The whole entire night I tried and tried…More

Trust Your Gut Says This Mom

About a month later We met again and I had told her I was still uncertain about her diagnoses she agreed to do a urine pregnancy test and it came back positive as well she felt that we should run ano…More

Figured Out in Labor at 38 Weeks

I understandably freaked out. I didn't tell anyone utnil baby was a week old. I had a c section because he was in distress so I was dealing with that pain, the shock and the feelings related to the a…More

High Risk Mom Finds Out at 6 Months

I went to the er because I have problems with kidney stones and they are painful but that was not what they found they found a baby girl in there and found a mass on my kidney but said the mass would…More

Don't Know I Was Pregnant - 23 Weeker Birth

Baby. A nurse said why its to small to live (in her mad voice).My little girl was 14oz, 23 weeks old, a level four bleeding on the brain, two brain surgeries, one heart surgery, about a 5 month stay …More

Surprise Baby at 33 Weeks

My reaction when I found out was that, I was cursed and also that I would disappoint my family, especially my mother. No one knew except my sister Jackie who I told not to tell anyone. No one had a c…More

From Infertile to Four Months

We'd been trying to get pregnant for a very long time. We'd even sought help from a fertility doctor. Finally we decided to take a break from treatments. So we went on a few long weekends, stopped be…More

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