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Pregnancy & Childbirth: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Am I Pregnant? Quiz
Trying to figure out if you're pregnant or not? Run your symptoms through our Am I Pregnant quiz and find out!
Boy or Girl Quiz
Test your pregnancy symptoms to see if you're having a boy or a girl based on the old wives tales.
When will my baby be born? Calculate that here.
How to help you figure out your due date and what that really means in terms of your baby being born and picking their birthday.
25 Signs You Might Be Pregnant
Here are 25 signs of pregnancy from possible to positive. Do your symptoms mean that you need to take a pregnancy test?
Finding Out the Sex of Your Baby
If you're preparing for your own ultrasound to tell if you're having a girl or boy, this quick guide will help you distinguish the girls from the boys.
Is this really labor? Quiz
Test your knowledge of real labor versus false labor with this fun quiz.
10 Reasons You Missed Your Period
If your period is late or delayed, you might wonder what is wrong. While pregnancy is something that is often suspected, it is not the only reason your period may be delayed.
Find Out the Sex of Your Baby at 1st Ultrasound
There is some research out there trying to determine the sex of your baby as early as six week pregnancy based on the location of the placenta in pregnancy. Would you try it?
Try This Fun Baby Shower Game
The rice baby shower game is a traditional game that is fun for all ages. It sounds easy, but it's actually quite difficult!
10 of the Most Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms
What are the most common pregnancy symptoms? When you think you're pregnant you want to know now, but how can you do that?
Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar
There are a ton of pregnancy calendars out there, but none as comprehensive as this one - using ultrasounds and real life stories, you'll walk week by week through a pregnancy. There are also special sections each week for dads and twins.
6 Reasons to Delay Baby's First Bath
Your baby's first bath is best delayed, here's why...
Does a faster heartbeat mean that your baby is...
There is an old wives tale that says that the heartbeat of your baby can tell you if you're having a boy or a girl. How accurate is that?
Watching Your Baby Boy Develop Through Ultrasound
Ultrasound can be used to determine if your baby is a boy or a girl in pregnancy. Here are the photos of a 23 week old baby boy.
The Top 100 Baby Names for Twins
Are you looking for baby names for your twins? These were the most popular sets of names for twins.
8 Ways to Tell if You're Having a Girl or a Boy
Will you find out if you're having a girl or boy this pregnancy? Wondering how to determine boy or girl? Here is the definitive guide.
How Many Weeks Pregnant Are You?
Ever wonder how that magic due date number turns into a set number of weeks? Here is how to calculate how far along you are in weeks of pregnancy.
How to Make Sure You Have a Boy
Having a baby boy is something that is important to some parents. Here are some tips and tricks if you would like to become pregnant with a boy.
Does Your Baby Have a Normal Heart Rate?
The rate of your baby's heartbeat can change in various stages of pregnancy for a variety of reasons. What is normal and what isn't?
8 Things That Hurt Worse Than Childbirth
You've heard that labor hurts, right? Here's what some moms say hurts more than giving birth. Do you agree?
Everything You Should Know About Umbilical Cord...
Steps to cut the cord. How to care for a newborn's umbilical cord, from cutting the cord to when the cord falls off!
Every Single Way to Estimate Your Due Date
When is my due date? That's the cry of every mother-to-be! Here's a look at how to tell and what it means.
Here's What to Do if You Think Your Water Broke
Trying to figure out if your bag of water is broken can be tricky, but these simple steps will help you determine if it's your amniotic fluid leaking or something else.
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos
This gallery is a fetal development gallery to see how your baby grows in pregnancy.
Girl or Boy: What does the Ancient Chinese...
The Ancient Chinese Gender Calendar is designed to tell you the sex of your baby based on your age at conception and a magical formula.
When can you tell the sex of the baby in...
Anxious to find out if you're having a girl or boy? Here's the scoop on how soon you can find out what you're having.
Ultrasounds of Boys & Girls: Can you tell...
Are you interested in comparing the photos of boy and girl ultrasound photos? These ultrasound picture were taken at various stages in pregnancy.
What does a baby boy look like on ultrasound?
Do you want to know what baby boys look like via ultrasound?
Pick the Perfect Baby Name With This A-to-Z List
If you're looking for a lot of baby names, here's the baby namer. You'll find all sorts of names for a girl or boy, from A - Z.
Birth Pictures from All Types of Labor and...
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy!
Are You Pregnant? Here's How to Tell
When you're having unknown symptoms, and you want to know if they spell out that there is a new baby on the way, it can drive you crazy. This simple quiz can help you answer the question of Am I Pregnant? By looking at the probability of a pregnancy based on your pregnancy symptoms.
How to Guarantee You Have a Girl
Here are some of the old wives tales and newer technologic advances that can help you get pregnant with the baby girl of your dreams.
5 Ways to Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat During...
Hearing your baby's heart beat for the first time is an amazing feeling. Here are the different ways that your midwife or doctor might listen to your baby's heart beat in your prenatal care visits.
Step by Step Photo Guide to Your Pregnancy
Whether you're looking to see pregnancy pictures, ultrasounds or photos of newborn babies, there is a gallery of pictures just for you. Here is your handy guide to being able to view these photos quickly and easily.
Take this Quiz: Is Your Baby a Girl or a Boy?
Here's a collection of the Old Wives Tales that supposedly predict boy or girl in pregnancy based on various tales. Is there power in numbers? Find out what points to a girl and what points to a boy with this fun quiz.
Track Your Pregnancy by Month
Here is a quick tour of pregnancy month by month, looking at fetal development as your baby grows through ultrasound pictures and text describing the details. Watch your baby grow from conception to birth.
100 Most Popular Boy's Names in 2014
These are the most popular baby names for boys for 2013.
How You Get Pregnant With Twins
The miracle of pregnancy times two! From finding out you're having twins to other common questions about being pregnant with one or more baby - we've got answers.
Top 1,000 Baby Boy Names
Looking for popular names for you baby boy? Here is what was popular in 2014.
PHOTOS: Ultrasounds From Every Week of Pregnancy
These pregnancy ultrasound photos take you week by week through pregnancy, showing you babies at various stages.
What does a baby girl look like on ultrasound?
What does a baby girl look like on ultrasound? We'll explore the weeks of gestation by viewing ultrasound images from various stages of pregnancy to see what a baby girl ultrasound looks like. Come compare your ultrasound photos!
When it's Time to Stop Breastfeeding: Drying Up
No matter why you want to dry up your breast milk or at what point after the baby's birth, there is a right way and a way that might be more painful. Here are the basics of stopping the supply of breast milk.
Hottest 1000 Baby Girl Names
Looking for a popular name for your baby girl? Here is what the birth certificate data for 2014 revealed was popular.
Are You Having a Boy or a Girl? Fun Ways to...
Are you wondering how soon you can find out if you're pregnant with a boy or girl? Here are various ways to find out depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy.
5 Things to Do Before Your First Trimester is...
Don't let your pregnancy fly by and realize that you've wasted time - get your pregnancy kick started with these five tips.
A Month-by-Month Guide to Your Pregnant Body
The first month of pregnancy is always a little bit crazy. Congratulations may be in order but sometimes your brain doesn't follow.
10 Common Questions on C-Section Scars Answered
If you've had a cesarean, you've got a scar to care for after the birth. Here's the scoop on healing and minimizing the looks.
What to Expect in Your 1st Week of Pregnancy
While you're not technically pregnant yet, here's what you need to know about this week before it's too late.
Ovulation Calculator
Calculate the date you ovulate in order to help you get pregnant.
5 Reasons You Can't Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat
Towards the end of the first trimester, you should be able to hear most babies' heart beats with a doppler. Here are some reasons why you may not hear your baby's heart beat then.
How Many Months Pregnant?
Months over weeks - how many months pregnant are you?
Have you tried the ring test this pregnancy?
The ring test uses your wedding ring to predict if you're having a baby girl or boy based on this old wives tale.
Your Water Broke, but No Contractions Yet -...
Sometimes your water breaks before you have contractions. What happens next? How you respond can have a huge impact on your labor.
5 Common Early Signs of Pregnancy
Did you know that there are over 20 early signs of pregnancy? Though not every mother gets every sign. Which do you have?
4 Ways Your Breasts Change During Pregnancy
One of the first signs of pregnancy can be changes in the breasts. What exactly does it mean and how does it feel?
Be Prepared for Your First Trimester of Pregnancy
The first trimester is the beginning of pregnancy. You will learn about pregnancy tests, pregnancy symptoms, signs of pregnancy, morning sickness and prenatal care as your start your pregnancy off with a healthy beginning.
6 Things You Can Do to Speed Up Delivery When...
Labor can be a slow process. When is it a stalled labor and what can you do about it?
6 Steps to Playing the Baby Shower Diaper Game
The baby shower diaper game is good for a laugh and is always a hit, particularly at co-ed baby showers. Have you tried this game?
What Doctors Look for When Examining the Placenta
A look at what you can tell about a placenta from the exam done after the birth.
When Can You Have Sex After a C-Section?
Lots of women want to know if they can have sex after a cesarean sooner than a mom who has had a vaginal birth, the short answer is no.
Could I Be Pregnant?
If you're wondering whether or not you're pregnant, here are some signs and symptoms to watch for in your body.
Can You Really Change Your Odds of Having a Boy...
Girl or boy? How do you use gender selection to choose the sex of your baby? Here are tips to consider before pregnancy when it comes to sex selection using amazing technologies like Microsort, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Shettles Method and more...
Scheduled for a C-Section? Here's What You Can...
Why you might need a cesarean birth and what you need to know before, during, and after your surgery.
This Calculator Knows When You Got Pregnant
How do I know when I got pregnant? Use your due date to reverse calculate when you got pregnant.
Ever Wonder Exactly What Happens During...
A guide to childbirth using pictures - the ninth month, preparing for childbirth.
10 Ultrasound Photos to Help Determine the Sex...
At week 17 you can see this baby is clearly a girl.
6 Iron-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating During...
Tired? Dizzy? You may be anemic in pregnancy. Find out how your diet can help you avoid anemia by adding iron rich foods.
What Your Due Date Does NOT Mean
There are a lot of articles out there talking about what your due date means, here's a look at what your pregnancy due date isn't.
What’s Happening to Your Body in the...
The first trimester is just the beginning of pregnancy. There are so many changes happening to your body and your baby. Through ultrasound photos and pictures of pregnant women, see how the first trimester will change your life and begin your pregnancy.
5 Signs You're Ovulating
When you're trying to conceive you want to do anything you can to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Here are some quick and easy ways to help you achieve pregnancy.
What You Need to Know About Sex During Pregnancy
Learn about sex during pregnancy as each trimester brings different physical and emotional changes. What do you need to know?
50 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
50 things you can do to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.
These Small Bumps May Be a Sign of Pregnancy
Montgomery's Tubercules are a possible sign of pregnancy. This is common pregnancy symptom and sign of pregnancy.
How to Induce Labor With Castor Oil
Castor oil is often used as a natural induction technique. Have you heard about this?
7 Things to Know Before You See a Fertility...
These seven steps will help you know when it's time to seek help with your fertility and may even help you get pregnant faster.
The 5 Most Common Belly Concerns During Pregnancy
At some point in pregnancy, you are likely to worry about your pregnant belly and how it looks. Is it too big? Too low? Too wide? Here is why you have no need for concern!
100 Color Names for Your Baby
There are lots of places to find inspiration for baby names, why not look at colors? Here are just some of the many names available that are color based.
Test Your Ultrasound Knowledge: Is the Baby a...
Test your skill at reading ultrasound photos. Are these babies girls or boys? Will your baby be a girl or a boy? Compare your photos here.
Understanding the Major Signs of Miscarriage...
Miscarriage is fairly common in the first weeks of pregnancy. Do you know the signs?
Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcements
It's that time of the year when you profess love for one another, what could be a better time than to share the news of your pregnancy? Here are some creative ways to make a pregnancy announcement during Valentine’s Day.
7 Ways to Tell You're in Labor
There are some common signs of labor that might indicate that your baby is about to be born. Do you know what to look for when it's time?
The Essential Guide to Cramping in Early...
Pain in early pregnancy can cause you to worry. When is cramping a problem and when should you call your doctor or midwife?
What do you call this many babies?
Interested in finding out what you call different number of babies born at the same time?
Everything You Want to Know About Pregnant Sex
Don't be embarrassed to ask questions about pregnant sex - it's a good thing. From positions to pregnant orgasms and more.
8 Reasons People Don't Hire Doulas
Using a doula is something many moms don't consider, many times because they are operating under the misunderstanding of what a doula is and what a doula does. Have you heard these doula old wives tales?
How Early Can You Get Accurate Pregnancy Test...
How early is too early for a pregnancy test? When can you be confident in the results? The answers might surprise you.
You're Pregnant! Now What?
You're pregnant. The instructions on the pregnancy test don't go much further. Here's some advice on getting through the next few weeks and developing a healthy pregnancy from the start.
How to Write a Birth Plan for Any Labor and...
Writing a birth plan to help you express your wishes and concerns for your labor and birth is a great idea. This helps you let your doctors, nurses and midwives know how best to help you in labor and the immediate postpartum. It can include information on pain management in labor including epidural anesthesia, the immediate postpartum as well as baby care.
1st Trimester Belly Gallery
Have a look at some real pregnant bellies from the first trimester.
Postpartum Depression Quiz
See if you are experiencing normal symptoms of postpartum or if you are at risj for postpartum depression (PPD) or the baby blues.
Dad Knows Best: A Baby Shower Question Game
Here's a spin on the newlywed game - for dads and baby showers. You ask the question and hilarity ensues.
Questions to Ask About Changing Your Due Date
Sometimes your doctor or midwife decides to change your due date in pregnancy. Here's what you need to know before you agree to the change of due date.
Is This Real or False Labor? This Quick Quiz...
Trying to figure out if you are in the early stages of labor, or the real thing can be confusing. Some women experience something often called false labor, meaning that it is unlikely that you will be having the baby rapidly. What are the signs of labor? When should I go to the hospital? Here are the most common false labor questions - answered.
Can being hit in the stomach cause a miscarriage?
Do you worry that being hit in the stomach can cause a miscarriage? There is good news and bad news.
The Myth of a Vaginal Exam
What does a vaginal exam in pregnancy really tell you and can it really predict when you will give birth?
125 Unisex Baby Names
A unisex baby name is becoming a very popular style of name for babies. What names do you consider to be unisex?
When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?
Am I pregnant? It's a legitimate question for many women and one that gets asked frequent. From the first symptom to the pregnancy test - how do you know if you are expecting?
Do I Have to Use First Morning Urine for a...
There is a lot of confusion about pregnancy tests and one of the most common questions is whether or not you need first morning urine.
Top 100 Names for Girls
The most popular baby names for girls from the birth certificate data.
Baby Name Style Quiz
Are you someone who chooses classic baby names? Or do you live more on the edge? Find out what your baby naming style is with our quiz.
Pregnant Women Issued Travel Warning Due to...
The Zika virus has earned a level 2 travel warning from the CDC for pregnant women to help them avoid potentially disastrous risks to baby.
Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower
Are you in charge of planning a baby shower? This guide will help you cover your bases and throw the best shower you could imagine.
4 Reasons You Should Take That Pregnancy Test
A look at why you might consider taking a pregnancy test, even if you aren't trying to get pregnant.
How to Use Ovulation to Decide the Sex of Your...
Can you use ovulation to help decide if you're going to have a girl or a boy? Here are some theories and facts around this tool.
5 Strange Pregnancy Symptoms
You probably expected certain bodily changes in pregnancy but have questions like is burping a sign of pregnancy?
When Should You Start? 7 Common Questions on...
What do prenatal vitamins do, how do they work and what happens if you don't take them? Are there prenatal vitamin side effects?
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 6
At 6 weeks into pregnancy, your baby is called an embryo. Here's what baby looks like... Page 6.
How to Tell if Your Contractions Are the Real...
Braxton Hicks are called practice contractions, but here's what you need to know.
The Labor Quiz
Test your knowledge of the parts of labor with this fun quiz.
Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms Shortly After...
Feeling nauseated and tired? Thinking maybe you are pregnant? How soon after sex can you detect pregnancy?
10 Things You’ll See at Your 20 Week...
Many women will have a midpregnancy ultrasound known as a Level II ultrasound to check for fetal anomalies.
Embryo in the 8th Week of Pregnancy
Ever wonder what your baby looks like in the 8th week of pregnancy? Here's what an embryo looks like... Page 8.
Is it twins? Quiz
Is it twins? Quiz < Back to Last Page Basics of Twins The miracle of pregnancy times two! From finding
5 Reasons for No Sex During Pregnancy
A look at why you might be told you need to give it a pelvic rest.
How Pregnancy Impacts Your Sex Life
Everything you need to know about pregnant sex.
The Conception Quiz
Test your knowledge of conception and getting pregnant with this fun quiz.
5 Common Signs of Miscarriage
Miscarriage can come with signs that shouldn't be ignored. Do you know what to look for?
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 7
This is a baby in the 7th week of pregnancy. Page 7.
10 Best Baby Shower Games
Looking for a great baby shower game to really make your baby shower fun? Try some of these games on for size!
Stop Pubic Bone Pain Now
Pubic bone pain in pregnancy can be normal but painful. Here is what causes it, why and how to cope.
Facts About Teen Pregnancy
A teen pregnancy has it's own special challenges. Here are some basic facts and figures.
Learn How Pregnancy Changes Your Belly Button
The belly button of a pregnant woman is such an unusual site. Learn about changes and find the answers to questions like keeping a belly button ring during pregnancy and being touched in the abdomen by strangers.
6 Ways to Turn a Breech Baby
About 3% of babies are still heads up at the end of pregnancy. Here's what to do rather than panic about it - you do have options!
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 10
Do you know how big your baby is at 10 weeks pregnant? Page 10.
The Meaning of the Rh Factor in Pregnancy
The Rh factor in your blood type can cause harm to your baby. What do you need to know to prevent problems?
The 12 Most Annoying Late Pregnancy Discomforts
The end of pregnancy can be physically demanding. Here are some of the more common complaints.
Can Your Pregnant Belly Reveal the Baby's Gender?
The old wives were busy telling tales that you can look at a pregnant woman's abdomen and tell whether or not her baby was a girl or a boy based on the size and shape.
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 9
Do you know what your baby looks like at 9 weeks pregnant? Page 9.
Save Money on Pregnancy Tests With These Tips
Pregnancy tests can be really expensive. But do you need really need expensive and fancy pregnancy tests?
When Will I Start to Show in Pregnancy?
Wondering when your pregnant belly will show? That depends...
A Guide to Removing Cesarean Staples After Birth
A look at the types of incision repair after a cesarean or c-section.
An Overview of the Twin Placenta and Fetal...
Having twins leads to unique situations with the placenta and fetal membranes. Here is a look at some of the potential combinations.
Telling Work You're Pregnant With These 7 Tips
Trying to figure out how to tell your boss that you're pregnant? Here are some tips to ease your mind and make the task easier.
Prenatal Vitamins: When You Should Start Taking...
So taking prenatal vitamins is on your list of things to do, but when should you start taking them?
Find Out the Size of Your Baby During Each Week...
It can be really difficult to figure out how big your baby is very week of pregnancy, particularly as it relates to your belly. This handy guide gives you the scoop on baby in an easy to understand manner.
Ultrasound Photos from the 12th Week of Pregnancy
The 12th week of pregnancy can produce some great ultrasound photos.
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 5
It's hard to tell you're pregnant, but at week five your baby is already rapidly changing. Page 5.
13 Week Boy Ultrasound
What does a baby boy look like on ultrasound? In the Boy Ultrasound Gallery, we'll explore the weeks of gestation by viewing ultrasound images from various stages of pregnancy to see what a baby boy ultrasound looks like. Come compare your ultrasound photos! Page 2.
What You Can Expect During Week 5 of Pregnancy
In week five you've probably figured out that you're pregnant. Come see how fast your baby is already growing.
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 4
This is an embryo in the 4th week of pregnancy. Page 4.
What You Should Know About Your Baby's Position...
Every baby lays in the pelvis a certain way. This will tell you a bit about labor, birth and how to help ease pain and speed labor.
Surviving Pregnancy with a Toddler
Congratulations on expecting another baby! But how do you manage the strain of pregnancy when you are trying to chase a toddler?
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 13
This is a baby in the 13th week of pregnancy. Page 13.
Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos - Week 12
This baby is from the 12th week of pregnancy. Page 12.
Is Your Lack of Pregnancy Symptoms Normal?
Are you pregnant but don't have any of the normal pregnancy symptoms? Does it mean you are having a miscarriage if you have no pregnancy symptoms?
When to Make Your Pregnancy Announcement
When will you announce your pregnancy? Do you tell early and often or are you more guarded? Here are some answers to figuring out which type of pregnancy announcement is right for you.
20 Week Boy Ultrasound
Here's what a baby boy looks like at 20 weeks into pregnancy via ultrasound. Page 15.
How to Deliver a Baby in an Emergency Childbirth
You've probably seen a news show that talks about emergency childbirth, where the baby comes before the mom gets help. Here's what to do.
How Is Pitocin Used to Induce Labor?
Pitocin is a medication that is often used to induce labor or to boost a labor that has slowed down. What do you need to know about Pitocin before giving birth?
What is a pregnancy wheel?
What does a pregnancy wheel calculate?

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