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Tips for Taking Baby Pictures


Updated December 22, 2009

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Question: Tips for Taking Baby Pictures
Answer: Baby pictures are an important part of having a newborn baby. You might be tempted to run out and sign up for a huge baby picture plan that spans the whole first year unless you really know what you're getting into. You will want to consider both professional and candid shots. You'd be surprised what you can do with your own camera.

Here are some baby pictures not to forget:

  • Pictures with all three (or more) in your family. (Often forgotten when a camera person is needed.)
  • First bath (even the one at home)
  • Some naked pictures, at least to diaper.
  • Size reference pictures, baby hands in yours, feet next to each other, etc.
  • Sleeping pictures
  • Nursing pictures

There are other ideas for pictures as well that can be fun. For example, you could take baby pictures in all the outfits you got for your baby shower or newborn gifts. Then enclose a photo with your thank you note, with the baby wearing the gift.

Some families also choose to do a monthly photo commemorating another month of life. So if your baby was born on January 12th, you would take a photo on the 12th of every month. You'll need to decide how to handle birthdays on the 31st. You can also spice these baby pictures up by adding one item that is in every photo to show growth or considering having a number of items that matches your baby's age. So for the third month, you'd have three stuffed animals, the fourth month, four stuffed animals. You can even change the item every month for fun.

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