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Second Trimester Belly Gallery

Pregnancy Photos from the Second Trimester


Updated October 24, 2010

The second trimester is a blast! Your belly starts to show. You start to wear maternity clothes. In the second trimester, you tend to feel much better than you did in the first trimester. This is when pregnant women really start to "glow."

Did you come to compare your belly? How does it look? Are you all out in front? Can you tell you are pregnant from behind? Are you carrying really low?

Share your belly picture. | See all bellies by pregnancy week.

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3rd Baby, 16 Weeks Pregnant16 Weeks Pregnant with Third Baby14 Weeks Pregnant Baby Number OneOur First Baby - Belly at 14 Weeks23 Weeks Pregnant - Baby Boy - Baby BumpBoy at 23 Weeks Pregnant17 Weeks - Second Trimester17 Weeks - Second Trimester
23 Weeks Pregnant with a boyBaby Boy at 23 Weeks26 Weeks Pregnant - First Baby - BoyA boy at 26 weeks of pregnancy!23 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Boy23 Weeks Pregnant - Boy23 Week Pregnant Belly with Removed Belly Button RingBaby Boy at 23 Weeks
23 Weeks Pregnant 3rd Baby GirlThird Baby - 23 Weeks Pregnant17 Weeks Pregnant Belly - 1st Baby - It's a boy!It's a boy! - 17 Week Belly15 Week Pregnant Belly PhotoPregnancy Photo - 15 Weeks27 Week Belly PhotoWeek 27 Week Belly Picture
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