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What is a baby moon?


Happy Pregnant Couple Photo (c) iStockPhoto
Question: What is a baby moon?
Answer: A baby moon used to refer to the early postpartum period where a mom's main focus was on her baby. It was her time, just as in the time right after her wedding, to bask in the glow of her new baby. It was a time to get to know the baby, to physically heal and to keep her life as low key as one can with a new baby.

In recent years, a baby moon has come to refer to the last big vacation prior to baby. A chance to get away while you still can and to enjoy a romantic getaway. There are places that sell packages for a complete vacation, some even including childbirth classes, prenatal massages for two and much more.

No matter which way you decide to explore a baby moon, be sure to full enjoy your time! You might even convince someone to let you do both! Prebaby baby moon is more about money and the focus on the couple and possibly their impending parenthood, the postbaby version is more about becoming a family and is free.

Readers Respond: Will you have a baby moon?

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