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Top 4 Diaper Pails


Updated December 27, 2010

Everyone thinks newborn babies smell sweet. However, I don't think anyone would argue that the diapers smell like - well, you know what they smell like. The odor from the nursery used to be unbearable. We first tried masking it with deodorants but now have new diaper pail technologies to help rid the nursery of the telltale odor without masking it.

1. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail
Photo © Price Grabber

The Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail at first glance may look like many of the other diaper pails on the market, but this diaper pail has much more going for it, making it a stand out diaper pail in the category. 

2. FuziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail

Fuzibunz Hanging Diaper Pail
Photo © Price Grabber

This diaper pail is designed exclusively for cloth diapers. You simply use a liner bag to hold the cloth diapers until it's wash day or for the diaper service. Bags are reusable and go straight to the washing machine to cut down on the handling of dirty diapers by dumping the diapers into the washer or unzipping the bottom. It can hang over a door handle or a hook.  Comes in multiple colors.

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3. Diaper Genie II

Diaper Genie II Diaper Pail
Photo © Price Grabber

The Diaper Genie is well known in the diaper pail world. It's made several improvements from it's first edition, most notably, the wide opening now available. This allows you to easily place the diaper in the pail. The unique feature of this diaper pail is that it individually wraps each diaper as you place it in the pail, thus removing the odor from the nursery. Bags are still a pain to change.

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4. Diaper Dekor Plus

Diaper Dekor Plus
Photo © Price Grabber

This diaper pail has one of the largest capacities, meaning less diaper pail changes. It offers a triple seal solution to the nursery odor problem, and a hands-free system. When you've outgrown the diaper stage use this diaper pail as an attractive waste bin.

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