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Did You Have Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period?


Updated May 21, 2014

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Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms before missed period?

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Question: Did You Have Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period?
Answer: There are a number of reasons one might experience pregnancy symptoms before a missed period. This is largely due to hormonal shifts in the body before your missed period is noted. As you have heard early pregnancy tests are testing even before a missed period, and this means that the pregnancy hormones are swirling, particularly hCG, even though in very low concentrations.

Women who are very in tune with their bodies or who are very sensitive may be able to notice these slight differences. You may feel pregnancy fatigue or even morning sickness.

You may also find that if someone has an irregular periods that it may be harder to figure out when they are pregnant without the regular cycle signs. Or you may see that someone has break through bleeding in pregnancy and her pregnancy is not as quickly diagnosed either due to irregular bleeding. This may mean she has pregnancy symptoms but misses them for awhile, assuming they are from another cause like illness or stress. Once she figures out that these symptoms may be caused by pregnancy, she may be confused because she has not had a missed period.

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