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Tips for Constipation in Pregnancy


Updated May 16, 2014

Fruits, Grains, Fiber, Cereal

Eating a variety of fruits, grains, cereal and other forms of fiber will help you avoid constipation in pregnancy.

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Constipation, difficulty having regular bowel movements or BMs, is a very common symptom of pregnancy. This does not mean that you have to suffer from constipation or irregular, hard bowel movements and the pain associated with them and can even cause hemorrhoids. There are things you can do to help things move along.

  • Water:
    Simply drinking water can help make your bowel movements more frequent and less hard to pass. Staying hydrated is important for everyone, particularly in pregnancy. Be sure to get enough water every day and you will find that you have fewer problems with constipation.

  • Fiber :
    Fiber is found in natural sources like many fruits and vegetables, also in beans and some grain. These natural sources will help your bowel movements be loose and regular. Some recommend using prune juice.

  • Watch the calcium :
    Too much calcium can cause constipation.

  • Exercise :
    Exercise is known for helping keeping your bowels move regularly.

  • Medication:
    You can take medications like fiber pills and laxatives to help relieve the painful symptoms of constipation. In pregnancy not all of these medications are safe or effective. Please see your doctor or midwife about which are safe for you.
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