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Symptoms of Pregnancy

When we think of the symptoms of pregnancy we usually think of morning sickness. However there are many symptoms that accompany pregnancy like nasal stuffiness, insomnia, swelling, weight gain and more.
  1. Backache (9)
  2. Heartburn (6)
  3. Leg Cramps (3)
  4. Morning Sickness (22)

Could I be pregnant?
Looking for a reason to take or skip that pregnancy test? This might help you decide.

A Guide to Braxton Hicks Contractions
Braxton Hicks contractions can occur at any point in pregnancy but are mostly common felt in the second half of pregnancy. Do you know why they have happen?

Fatigue During Pregnancy - How did you cope with fatigue duri…
Fatigue during pregnancy is real. But how do you cope when you're so tired?

Pregnancy and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is something that many women experience in pregnancy. Figure out how to make your legs feel better.

Why is sleeping on your back in pregnancy a problem?
A look at why sleeping on your back in pregnancy isn't the best idea.

Bleeding Gums in Pregnancy
Pregnancy can cause lots of weird symptoms, including bleeding gums.

Breasts Leaking in Pregnancy - Is breast leaking a pregnancy symptom?
A woman may notice that a breast or both breasts are leaking in pregnancy. This is colostrum in preparation for breastfeeding.

Many pregnant women notice a vaginal discharge in pregnancy. This is most commonly leukorrhea, a normal substance in pregnancy.

Relieve Pregnancy Aches and Pains
Sage advice for dealing with the not-so-pleasant symptoms of pregnancy from americanbaby.com.

5 Ways to Cope with Pregnancy Insomnia
Pregnancy can bring about a whole host of odd symptoms that you may not expect. When pregnant you may find that you have trouble sleeping, called insomnia. The good news is that you can combat insomnia with a few helpful tricks.

Round Ligament Pain
Round ligament pain is very common in pregnancy but it can be quite painful.

Remembering to Kegel
Urinary incontinence can happen in pregnancy and just after, even if you had a cesarean birth. By learning to do the kegel or pelvic floor exercises you can avoid or shorten the amount of time that you have a problem with incontinence.

Tips for Constipation in Pregnancy
Unfortunately constipation is a very common symptom of pregnancy. Here is advice on how to handle this nasty pregnancy symtom.

Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are a common problem for pregnant women, but you don't have to suffer with them, there are ways to ease discomfort or even prevent them in the first place.

Natural Remedy Index
From anemia to varicosities and every complaint in between, we've got some helpful hints for you!

Belly Button Questions
The belly button of a pregnant woman is such an unusual site. Learn about changes and find the answers to questions like keeping a belly button ring and pain.

Snoozer Body Pillow
A product designed with the pregnant body in mind to help you get a good night's sleep!

Is Nasal Stuffiness in Pregnancy Normal?
More than 30% of women suffer from this during pregnancy. More info can be found here.

Itching during Pregnancy
Itching can be nothing more than the stretching of the skin, or it can be the sign of something wrong. Learn more here.

Pregnancy Sleep Positions - What position did you sleep in during pregnancy?
What position did you sleep in during pregnancy?

Did your man have sympathetic pregnancy symptoms?
Sympathetic pregnancy symptoms, known as couvade syndrome, happen to those around you when you're pregnant. It can include gaining weight, morning sickness... any number of pregnancy symptoms.

How did you react to round ligament pain?
When round ligament pain strikes in pregnancy, your hands fly to your sides. But what can you do about it other than suffer?

How did you deal with constipation in pregnancy?
Constipation can happen in pregnancy. What are you doing to avoid it?

Did you cramp in early pregnancy?
Having pain in pregnancy isn't normal for the most part,but sometimes you've got period like cramps. Did you experience this?

10 Pregnancy Sleep Tips
Learn how you can get a better night's sleep during pregnancy.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids
Information on Constipation and Hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

Bladder Problems
Information on Bladder Problems in pregnancy.

Pelvic Pain
Information on Pelvic Pain in pregnancy.

Information on varicose veins in pregnancy.

Fatigue During Pregnancy
The exhaustion that pregnancy can bring is frequently not like anything else you've ever experienced.

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