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Subsequent Pregnancies

Most literature focuses on the first time family and pregnancy. Here is where you can find out information about the second (or more) time around!

Reason You're Done Having Babies
So you think you're done having babies? What reasons are you considering when you make this decision?

6 Tips for Lazy Second Time Moms
Don't fret about everything you're not doing - do your best with these helpful hints.

Big Brother or Sister: How did you tell your other children that they…
How did you tell your other children that they were going to be a big brother or sister?

4 Ways to Care for Your Older Child During the Birth
If you have older children and you're expecting a new baby you may wonder what you can do with the older sibling during the birth to include them.

What to Do with Older Kids While You Have the Baby
Who is going to watch your kids while you're having the baby? Here are a few people to consider for the job.

How will your children take part in the birth?
Where will they be? Who will be with them?

Surviving Pregnancy with a Toddler
Congratulations on expecting another baby! But how do you manage the strain of pregnancy when you are trying to chase a toddler?

Preparing for a New Baby
Preparing an older children for a new baby is fun. Here are some tips for getting ready for a new baby.

The Second Time Around
Everything you read seems to focus on the first pregnancy, are there differences for the second (or more) time around? Moms tell us yes!

Are you ready for another baby?
Having a baby is a big change. But going from your first to your second (or more) can be an even bigger change. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

How did you handle a pregnancy while dealing with other kids?
Having more than one child can make your second pregnancy much harder. How did you deal?

Getting Your Children Ready for a New Baby
Expecting another baby? You may wonder what you need to do to get your older kids ready for the new baby. Here are some tips to getting ready.

Weight Gain Between Pregnancies Increases Risks to Mom and Baby
The weight you fail to lose between pregnancies can have a disastourous effect on your pregnancy, your health and the health of your baby.

Sibling Hospital Bag
Ever wonder how you're going to entertain your older child while they wait for their sibling? Here is a hospital bag to pack for them or ways to entertain them where ever they are while their new baby is being born...

Grand Multip
Definition of the term Grand Multip as it relates to pregnancy and birth.

First-Born Jealousy
If you are expecting another baby, you may be worriedabout how your first born will handle becoming a big brother or sister. Here are some helpful tips to adding a new baby to your family.

Second Baby Shower
Are baby showers for second babies appropriate? Have a look at some of the reasonsing for the pros and cons.

Books as Gifts for New Siblings
Books make the perfect gift for siblings.

Natural Childbirth: The Next Time
" Becoming empowered to have natural childbirth the second time (even if the first time wasn’t great)" Dr. Bartell helps you decide what's right for you.

Fighting Postpartum Blues: It's Harder With Two Than One
Some common questions about PPD with more than one child. What you can expect.

Dad's Changing Role
How having another baby effects dad.

Should you breastfeed this time around?
If you didn't breastfeed last time, you may wonder if you should or could this time. Dr. Bartell answers your questions.

What did your child want to name the baby?
Did you have an older child or friend who wanted to help name your baby? What baby names did they choose?

How is a second pregnancy different from a first pregnancy?
Once you've had a baby, you've got the pregnancy thing down. Or do you? Here other moms share how their second pregnancy was different than their first!

Your Second Pregnancy
Your second pregnancy is going to be different from your first pregnancy. So how do you deal with a second pregnancy when you already have to care for a baby or older child.

Feeling Your Baby Moving in Your Second Pregnancy
In your second pregnancy, you notice a lot of things are different. This can also include when you start feeling your baby move.

Childbirth Class the Second Time Around
Many people decide to take childbirth classes with their first baby, but do you need to take a class when you're pregnant with a subsequent baby? The answer might surprise you.

Another baby? - How did you know you were ready for another baby?
How did you know you were ready for another baby?

What do you say when someone comments on your family size? - Family Size...
Big family. Small family. Only child. Everyone has an opinion on the ideal family size. But what happens when people start sharing their opinion with you?

How long between pregnancies?
We like to plan everything - even our children. Do we really have control over how far apart our kids are?

Breastfeeding Books for Kids
A look at some of the books available that are designed to talk about breastfeeding to kids.

Children at Birth
Should you have your older children at the birth of your baby?

Tips for Second Time Moms
Having your second baby isn't easy. What advice do you have for moms who are trying to do their best and aren't happy with how that feels.

Have you ever tandem nursed?
Nursing two kids in the same time period is called tandem nursing. Have you ever done it?

Ever breastfeed in pregnancy?
Sometimes you get pregnant when you're breastfeeding and you're not ready to quit breastfeeding, so you keep going. Share your story.

Where were your older kids when you had a baby?
Who will watch your kids while you're in labor?

Things You Should Probably Never Tell Your Children About Pregnancy
Please watch what you say about pregnancy and birth when talking to your older kids while pregnant. You might not realize the harsh things that can come out of your mouth.

What are you sorry you told your child about pregnancy?
Every says something harsh about pregnancy or labor that you regretted?

What Makes a Baby Review
A book for 3-8 year olds about how babies are made and born. Very accessible and easily altered to discuss your circumstances, no matter what they are.

Where do babies come from?
Here's what you do when your kids ask: Where do babies come from? (And other ridiculously (and potentially) embarrassing questions.)

Sibling Birth Announcements
Consider letting your older child make their own birth announcements one the baby is born.

5 Ways to Introduce Baby to Siblings
Have a plan for when your older children meet the new baby.

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