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What happens before a scheduled c-section?


Updated May 09, 2014

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Question: What happens before a scheduled c-section?
Answer: Planning surgery can be scary, even if it is a cesarean section for the birth of your baby. Much has been written about the actual surgery, but very little can be found about the days prior to the cesarean section.

After deciding on a surgical date, you will probably be asked to preregister at the hospital where your baby will be born. This may include information on your insurance card and your prenatal records. You may be asked to precertify your stay with your insurance company.

Your doctor may give you prescription medications to be taken before your surgery. Though you may have nothing by mouth, not even water for eight hours prior to your surgery. If you are overly concerned you may be given a prescription sleep aid for the evening prior to your surgery. Be sure to talk to your doctor about this if you are concerned.

You may be asked to have a special consult with either your anesthesiologist or with your baby's doctor or specialist. These may take place the morning of your surgery or weeks prior to the surgery depending on the timing of your cesarean birth.

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